All in Blue: Tim Barber’s Blues photography debuts at agnès b Galerie Boutique

New York-based Tim Barber’s photography quite literally puts the ‘blue’ in ‘blueprint’ with his new solo exhibition. On display at the agnès b Galerie Boutique in Tsim Sha Tsui, Barber’s impressive collection merges the old school cyanotype printing technique – invented in the mid 19th century – with modern digital photography that ultimately produce images with an ethereal, almost otherworldly appeal.

The exhibition is part of French fashion label agnès b’s efforts to showcase the cohesive relationship between fashion and art, and to spotlight burgeoning talents from around the globe.

Drop by the agnès b Galerie Boutique at the K11 Art Mall from now until 6 January 2018 to see Barber’s cyan-toned “Blues” exhibition. Limited edition Artiste Tees and Barber’s photo book are also up for grabs.