Reiki Therapy: Exploring the health benefits of this ancient energy healing technique

Reiki, as many will be aware, is a multi-levelled healing therapy that benefits the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of a person. This centuries-old Japanese practice is aimed at channelling the universe’s life force into the body of an object, animal or person to balance and retune its energy and stimulate its natural healing abilities. While some may scoff at reiki as being a pseudoscience, in fact, its practical applications can yield medical benefits. Take, for instance, a study published in Harvard Health, which revealed that people who underwent Reiki sessions before cardiac catheterization were observed by cardiologists as feeling more confident, relaxed and cooperative. 

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What is Reiki?

Often described as a healing therapy in which certified practitioners act as a medium between the universe’s life force and their patients, these experts can transmit healing energy through the palm of their hands. Each session typically runs between an hour to an hour and a half, with tingling sensations around the body seen as a common sign of the healing process, according to Balance Health Reiki practitioner, Forest Ng. The speed and effects of healing, though, varies from person to person depending on their energy level and condition, adds NPO Japan Reiki Association’s Master Teacher Satoe Sasaki and co-founder of and Master Teacher at Shakti Healing Centre, Stephen Clasper. 

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Healing the body

Reiki’s healing effects have been studied to be so efficacious that hospitals in the US have started adopting this non-invasive therapy as part of their holistic therapeutic services. A clinical study published in the US National Library of Medicine have also unveiled quantifiable healing effects across different areas of the body thanks to Reiki therapy, promoting such benefits as reduced heart rate and blood pressure. 

Healing benefits of reiki gafencu magazine corie chu
Corie Chu, Master Teacher of Usui Reiki

Healing the mind

The same study also explains how Reiki increases the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which has been observed to contribute to reducing pain, anxiety, and depression, as well as improving self-esteem and quality of life. By utilising this metaphysical treatment, future issues as well as past problems can be resolved. As Reiki Master Corie Chu explains, “I’ve facilitated Reiki for future events including countless job interviews, weddings, invasive surgeries and pregnancy deliveries, and Reiki can also go back in time to heal past experiences.”

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Healing from a distance

While most Reiki sessions happen in close proximity between practioner and patient, Reiki healing treatments can also be done remotely. By using Reiki symbols, practitioners are able to tune into the universe’s energy reserve to channel into their patients without the need for touch or physical presence, yet still deliver the same healing effects as a hands-on reiki session, says Ng. A study published in the Global Advances in Health and Medicine explains that clinical applications of Distance Healing Intentions (DHI) focus on shifting physiological measures rather than the outcomes of a cure, thus allowing healing effects of DHI therapies such as Reiki to be effective. 

Healing benefits of reiki gafencu magazine forest ng balance health
Balance Health Reiki Practitioner, Forest Ng


Side effects of Reiki

There is no recorded harm or risks presented by Reiki healing. Although this form of therapy can be done to any person of any background and age, the only downside, according to Ng, is that one might undergo a “healing crisis” — a temporary worsening of symptoms similar to a detox reaction. She says, “We consider a healing crisis a positive sign of the body that the healing is working.” For example, unusual tiredness is the body’s way of expressing that it needs to rest, while symptoms such as headaches, back pain and crying as a form of emotional release are all signs of the body releasing toxic energy and going through the process of healing.

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Where to go

Those interested to reap the benefits of this unique and profound healing therapy can visit:

Shakti Healing Centre

A healing centre and training centre of Master Teacher levels for up to 21 years offers attunement training and hour-long Reiki session for individuals. 

How much: HK$800 Up, depending on duration and practitioner of choice


Corie Chu Healing

A well-established Master Teacher in the city who has studied traditional Usui Reiki twice with a lineage that roots to the original Reiki masters. 

How much: HK$1,200 (60mins) / HK$1,800 (90mins)


Balance Health

A health clinic offering an integrated health practices and alternative options to conventional treatments to facilitate patient’s healing process or offer a therapeutic escape from the stress of city life.

How much: HK$1,200 (60mins) / HK$1,800 (90mins)


SHINE Body & Soul Healing Centre

A training and healing centre founded by traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Satoe Sasaki. She is a certified NPO Japan Reiki Association practitioner for its Hong Kong Chapter. The association is based in several other countries in the world including Japan, France, Korea and India.

How much: HK$700 (70mins) / HK$900 (90mins)