Johnnie Walker shares the joy of DIY mixology with exclusive Black Label Highball tutorials

The iconic Johnnie Walker Black Label has long been lauded as the benchmark for blended whisky-making. In truth, this comes as no surprise, particularly when you consider that its unmistakable smoothness and complexity have been skilfully derived by co-opting only the best whiskies from distilleries across Scotland and aging them for at least 12 years, all under the guidance of its master blenders. These factors have made the Black Label a particular favourite of discerning drinkers and bartenders the world over. 

Johnnie Walker Black Label Highball 2

While many choose to enjoy the tipple in its simpler forms – neat, on the rocks, with a spritz of water – others may appreciate a more complex concoction. To that end, Johnnie Walker has partnered with five of Hong Kong’s most well-loved bartenders to create five exclusive Black Label Highball cocktails that you can enjoy from the comforts of your own home. 

Johnnie Walker Black Label Highball 1

While the classic Highball – traditionally including a whisky, some ice, a garnish and a mixer – has been a staple on many bar menus, these unique recipes will bring that added sophistication to your at-home imbibement. Take, for instance, Irre-zest-ible, created by Quinary’s Shelley Tai, which blends the Black Label with light citrusy notes with the addition of an Asian twist in its dried plums. Then there’s Summer Isles, the tropical interpretation from Bar 001’s Henry Ho that enhances the whisky’s inherent flavours with a zing of pink pepper, mellowed by refreshing notes of passion fruit and yuzu jam. 

Johnnie Walker Black Label Highball 3

To help enhance your home mixology experience, the online tutorial videos for these Johnnie Walker Black Label Highball cocktails and their recipes can be easily accessed online at