Picturesque Hong Kong cycling trails to pedal through

Hong Kong might be most well-known for its towering skyscrapers and spectacular evening skyline, but it also boasts a growing community of cycling enthusiasts. A good indicator of this is the hong Kong Cyclothon, one of the city’s biggest cycling events. Since its inception in 2015, over 20,000 local and international cyclists from 17 countries have participated in the annual race, according to the Hong Kong Island District Council. Even if you’re just a cycling novice, however, there are plenty of scenic paths, mountain roads and urban promenades to pedal through, and below are some of the top Hong Kong cycling trails to try. 

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A Wetland escape: Nam Sang Wai

This is a breezy social cruise into the wetland areas of New Territories. Beginning and ending at the Yuen Long MTR station, riders are greeted with signs that easily direct them towards Nam Sang Wai. Take the time to pedal around the country and along Ha Pak Nai shoreline, which offers a view of the Mainland. The surrounding mangroves and abandoned fish farms make this area an ideal feeding ground for birds, and if you ride during the winter time, you might get a chance to witness flocks of thousands of birds of about 400 different species migrating to the Mai Po Nature Reserve.
Distance: 8km
Difficulty: Very Easy

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A quiet family ride: Tai Mei Tuk

A serene and leisurely ride along an easy 22km path that fun for the whole family. From Sha Tin MTR station, riders can start at Shing Mun River — a landmark for exciting dragon boat races. From there, the path continues along  the scenic coastline of Tolo Harbour, where you can find several rest stops, benches and a food kiosk along the stretch of promenade. Continue past Hong Kong Science Park and Tai Po Waterfront Park until you are greeted by the gorgeous lake view that stretches towards Plover Cove Reservoir at Tai Mei Tuk.
Distance: 22km
Difficulty: Easy

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The long way down: Tai Mo Shan 

The city’s most popular cycling route and a top stop for cycling competitions is located along Tai Mo Shan, the highest mountain in Hong Kong at 957 meters tall. Cyclists can start this trail – not for the faint of heart! – at Tai Wo Hau MTR station along the paved path leading to the Tai Mo Shan Country Park entrance before making the uphill ascent through verdant greenery to the peak – a perfect place to take a photo or two. The highlight of the ride, though, is the long descent down, an exhilarating ride for those who dare to let go of their brakes, but an equally enjoyable one for those aiming to go down at a more sedate pace. 
Difficulty: Medium to hard
Distance: 9.6km

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A scenic mountain ride: Dragon’s Back

Another Hong Kong outdoor hotspot, Dragon’s Back is also one of Hong Kong’s most scenic bike routes and has the only officially designated mountain bike route on Hong Kong Island. Easily accessible from Tai Tam Gap and serving up a breathtaking vistas across Shek O Beach, its hilly terrain can be bumpy with some sharp drops. Don’t attempt this one unless you’re an ace cyclist.
Distance: 7km
Difficulty: Hard

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The long haul: New New Territories route

Earlier this year, the Civil Engineering and Development Department announced  the opening of a new 11-km cycling path that runs from Yuen Long to Sheung Shui. The latest segment completes the now-60km-long cycling track that connects Tuen Mun in the west to Ma On Shan in the east, one that will undoubtedly tempt the city’s legion of cycling enthusiasts. Popular scenic spots here include the Kam Tin River in Yuen Long, the Long Valley Wetland in Sheung Shui, as well as Sha Tin district’s cultural attractions. Facilities such as rest stations and cycle hubs with food kiosks and toilets can also be found along the way.
Distance: 60km
Difficulty: Easy