Feet first: Bespoke insoles for people on-the-go

Swollen and sore feet are a common problem, especially in Hong Kong, where walking long distances is unavoidable. To get a better idea about the problems people have with their feet and to learn more about BGA InSoles, we visited Albin Brion, studio manager of the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez, The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

Brion started working as a podiatrist in private clinics in Paris after his burgeoning football career was cut short by injury. Before moving to Hong Kong, he also worked in Dubai and Mauritius.

BGA InSoles,  a new concept derived from extensive podiatric research, is designed to provide comfort, reduce stress on feet and encourage a healthy posture. The insoles are designed in a unique B-shape and tailor-made for each guest exclusively at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

Brion took us through the various stages required to make the three layers of the insoles.

BGA InSoles are customised depending on a person’s gender, size, preferred shoe style and daily activities.

Brion assesses each person before using a Podobarascope and Pressure Platform to measure a person’s plantar forces and pressures — how your weight is distributed when you stand and where you place the pressure on your feet.

A sand-filled mat is then used to take a print of your foot to determine the proper weight distribution. And the final step is to heat the insoles before they are custom moulded.

The BGA InSoles can be custom-made to fit into a range of shoe styles, from elegant women’s shoes to athletic shoes.

Watch Brion discuss the problems people have with their feet in Hong Kong and explain the process behind making BGA InSoles in the video.

For more information, visit: www.mandarinoriental.com/landmark