Hong Kong’s skilled leather cobblers and shoe repair shops

Throwing away a pair of well-crafted and reliable shoes isn’t easy although not everything is meant to last. There’s an excellent way to save a valued pair of designer shoes and save the cost of buying a new pair, thanks to veteran cobblers who are steadily fading away although they render solid repair services. These are among Hong Kong’s most skilled shoe repair shops that can breathe new life to your luxury footwear after months or years of wear and tear. 

The city's top skilled cobblers and shoe repair shop (2)

Shing Do Shoe Repair

Over two decades in the trade, veteran cobblers at Shing Do Shoe Repair  have worked their way from humble beginnings to become one of the most sought-after cobblers in the city. Though still situated in a small booth near  Landmark building in Central, their expertise can render repairs specific to a customer’s instructions and preferences at reasonable rates, an opportunity that most other shoe repair cobblers are unwilling to do. For just five to 10  minutes, repairs can be done in an impressive display of craftsmanship.

Price: HK$150 Up

Location: Central

Contact: +852 9310 8558

The city's top skilled cobblers and shoe repair shop


This shop remains a beloved spot to both locals and expats alike when their luxury shoes need some fine tuning. Although this humble repair shop has witnessed several relocation and various adversities amid the shoe repair trade’s steady decline over the past 10 years, its commitment in the masterful repairs of fine leather shoes and bags remains unchanged and unwavering. Its services include shoe dying, sole replacements and refurbishment of broken leather.

Price: HK$600 up

Location: Sheung Wan

Contact: +852 28811326

The city's top skilled cobblers and shoe repair shop (3)

Better Skill Shoe Repair

This shop localises European techniques and technology inherited and provided by internationally known repair shop, Mister Minit. Experts at its three branches offer repair solutions to replace leather outsoles, not simply to employ the more common rubber counterparts. This service will certainly delight shoe lovers who want to maintain the authenticity and softness of leather soles though repairs can take at least two days.

Price: HK$700 Up

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui / Admiralty / Causeway Bay

Contact: +852 2317 5585

The city's top skilled cobblers and shoe repair shop (5)

Excellent Leather Repair

Turning seriously-damaged leather goods to an almost new condition is a feat that Excellent Leather Repair often renders. It is capable of saving all leather goods, notably shoes, bags and furnitures. Its services include replacing and cleaning leather goods for a fresh look or reviving luxury leather items and providing them with a brand new high-quality colour change. This shop in Kowloon serves as a one-stop solution for all things leather.

Price: HK$700 up

Location: Hung Hom

Contact: +852 9801 1115