The Must-try Ready-to-Serve Cocktails to Get the Party Started

Almost everyone loves a good cocktail but not everyone has mastered the art of mixing drinks in a way that tastes perfect as though they were made by some skilled bartender. That is where pre-mixed beverages that only require you to add your desired amount of ice come to play. Check out these must-try beginner-friendly drinks to get the party going or simply sip along with your dinner at home.

Exuding a refreshing feeling in every sip, the Chandon Garden Spritz tastes fruity with the cocktail being made from the Chandon Argentina 2014 Brut that won the Best Argentine Sparkling Wine award at the 2020 Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships and an orange liqueur that consists of extracts from orange peels, herbs and some special spices that give the drink its natural flavours. The perfect blending of flavours that was perfected over more than 60 trials, in addition to its organically-sourced ingredients, makes the wine-based cocktail an absolute bliss. It can be bought from select retailers in Hong Kong and the prices vary.

Next, there is the Chateau Highball Classic Cocktail Range. Following its popularity in Italy, the Chateau Highball, newly launched in Hong Kong, is sure to win the taste buds and the heart of partygoers and hosts by making it easy to relish cocktails that taste like they were prepared at a top-class bar. The four offerings in the collection include Gin & Tonic, Vodka Soda, Whisky Soda and Tequila Soda. The highlight among the four is the Gin & Tonic, which was prepared by mixing London Dry Gin with house-made stevia tonic water boasting comparatively lesser sugar content than most other tonic waters. Each bottle can serve up to six glasses and costs HK$380.

Also making it to the list of best ready-made cocktails are the ones from Bacardi, a brand that has become synonymous with rum so who better to trust than this Cuban drink company if you want to sip on some rum-based cocktail? Luckily, the brand offers a variety of popular and famously-enjoyed cocktail choices like Pina Colada, Mojito and Rum Punch that are available as both ready-to-drink cocktails in cans and read-to-serve versions in bottles. These pre-made cocktails for parties are enriched with fruity flavours that feel pleasant with each gulp while also transcending you on to a vacation in the Caribbean Islands.

Regardless of all these aforementioned beverages, if you find mixing your own cocktails to be more fun, then you can always find a list of DIY cocktail recipes on Barcadi’s official site which will help you make the tastiest tipsy tipples. Simultaneously, those who prefer whisky cocktails can rely on Johnnie Walker’s range of recipes and Smirnoff for some vodka-infused cocktails.

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