Bridal Revisited: Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong

In the charming world of decadent weddings, nothing is off limits. While you may want to create a spectacular ceremony to wow the crowds, when it comes to picking out the top spots for bespoke bridal and wedding frills, leave it to us.

From bedazzling wedding gowns and hand-sewn suits to hand-crafted invitation cards and art deco tiered cakes, here is Gafencu’s list of places to go to add a sumptuous personalised touch to your big day.

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong magnus and novusgafencu

Bespoke tailoring by Magnus & Novus
A perfect fit for the modern groom

Attention, guys! If there is one thing you should invest your time and money in during the complex wedding-planning process, it is a top-notch custom-made suit. After all, while everyone’s eyes are on the bride, she’s only got eyes for you.

When it comes to putting your best foot forward on your big day, the artisanal menswear brand Magnus & Novus pulls out all the stops. More than 5,000 handmade stitches, 50 hours of tailoring, and rigorous product development and research go into creating each bespoke suit – all to guarantee that the groom looks his best next to her couture dress.

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in magnus & novus Hong Kong gafencu

Through private consultations, customers can collaborate on the design, be it determining the fit of a raw silk jacket or personally selecting from a wide range of fine-pearl requisites and handcrafted accessories to pair with their ensemble. Every minute detail ensures the expression of a gentleman’s personal creativity and debonair style. Each suit takes four to six weeks to perfect, inclusive of at least three visits for measurements and alterations, but in the end you’ll have a wardrobe standout that is forever close to your heart.

For enquiries: (852) 9380 9173 /

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong wedding dress gafencu

A dress for any bride by Marco M Chan
Dressing the bride is an imaginative love affair for Marco M Chan

The wedding dress is often the emblem of a bride’s childhood fantasies – every detail, every twirl, a liberated expression of her desires, wishes and creative imaginings.

Making those fantasies a reality is celebrated fashion stylist-turned-designer Marco M Chan. Earning rapid international fame, Chan has worked with fashionable A-listers, from Paris Hilton and CoCo Lee to G.E.M, and an array of prestigious brands, including Cartier, Omega and Shiseido. Graduating from dressing the stars to cutting his own cloth, he launched his eponymous label of show-stopping tailor-made pieces in 2013.

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong wedding dress marco m chan gafencu

He thrives on transforming fabric into stunning bespoke gowns and dresses that emphasise his clients’ individuality and unique qualities, giving them a strong sense of confidence and empowerment.
Known for his innovative use of silk and lace, as well as the finest materials from around the world, his designs are recognised for his signature draping, and his way of reforming basic cutting techniques to accentuate the bride’s silhouette perfectly. The painstaking process takes, on average, six weeks from start to finish, but the result never fails to unveil a gorgeous outcome.

For enquiries: @MarcoMChan

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong invitation card gafencu

Hand-designed invitation cards for your big day
Sandy Chan folds artistry into exquisite stationery for your big day

In the age of email and Instagram, handwritten invitation cards bring a personalised, intimate feel to special occasions. Especially on such an important day as a wedding, formal announcement by the way of a customised invitation card sets the tone for guests, providing a deft foundation for the stated theme and dress code.

Stationery artist Sandy Chan, founder and creative director of Sanstation, caters to the specific, personal tastes of each of the couple she works with. Her decade-long experience in the wedding industry and dynamic background reflects her unique artistry in blending Western art elements with traditional Oriental designs. Having spent her early years in Hong Kong and her teens in Oxford, England, before moving to Canada to study fine arts and graphic design, her passion for paper art and printing techniques unfolded into a career in 2014, quickly followed by the 2015 launch of her own business.

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong wedding card sanstation gafencu

Elegant, tasteful and sophisticated, Chan’s designs have won awards and a number of prestigious titles, including exclusive wedding stationery designer for luxury hotels like The Peninsula Hong Kong and the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.

For enquiries: (852) 3956 8780 /

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong butterfly pattiserie gafencu

Centrepiece-worthy artisanal wedding cakes 
The Butterfly Patisserie’s creative wedding cakes set hearts fluttering

No wedding is complete without a beautifully designed cake. A centrepiece of any reception, the towering wedding cake is more than just a well-constructed mix of flour, eggs, butter and sugar. It’s an important symbol of tradition, commitment and love, as demonstrated in every exciting cake-cutting ceremony. 

Serving up premium tiered treats is an elevated, boutique cake shop in one of Tsim Sha Tsui’s most luxurious hotels, The Butterfly Patisserie at Rosewood Hong Kong. Intricately designed and sumptuously moulded with the highest quality ingredients, it offers a slew of edible art with multitiered cakes for weddings and other special occasions.

Bridal revisited Create bespoke wedding moments in Hong Kong gafencu wedding cake

With prices ranging from HK$1,280 to HK$1,680 per pound, The Butterfly Patisserie’s bespoke wedding cakes will naturally cater to the specific flavour and design requests of customers. From the addition of lavishly sprinkled gold-leaf flakes to elegant marbling, these exclusive, made-to-order creations provide newlyweds with a spectacular feature on their special day, and the sweetest of memories to share with loved ones and close friends.

For enquiries: (852) 3891 8732 /