Bespoke boudoirs for designer dozing

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We spend around a third of our lives in the bedroom – arguably, the most interesting third – so comfort is clearly pretty much a necessity. The value of this month’s selection of bespoke bedrooms, then, cannot simply be measured by the cost per “Z”. While beyond the budget of the average home owner, for those with the means, these nocturnal refuges represent the ultimate in natty napping, the last word in duvet decadence.

Turkish opulence, Mediterranean indulgence, rugged Antipodean outcrops and the sublime surrounds of the Swiss Alps are just a few of the bedtime backdrops on offer here. Whether it’s a mountainside meet with Morpheus, sea-level slumbering or even a little serene, marine downtime, one of these snooze headliners is surely your dream destination.

Turkish Delight

1. Buama – located in one of the more affluent suburbs of Istanbul – is wholly redolent of the lost ethereal world of the Ottoman Empire, while also embracing a dash of contemporary Turkish style. Channeling the compelling novels of Orhan Pamuk, the Nobel-prize winning author, this home presents its own enchanting narrative, with every room weaving a tale through its unique contours and textures. The master bedroom is cavern-shaped, with a dome-vaulted ceiling of undulating lines. An entire wall is covered by a mirrored door, leading into a mosaic-tiled bathroom, while the bed itself is sleek, low and blanketed with the finest linens. It’s small wonder that this property is seen as the finest embodiment of the design philosophy of the Global Architectural Development company and of its two founders – Gokhan Avcioglu and Ozlem Ercil Avcioglu.

This cosy Costa Rican boudoir affords a sweeping Pacific Ocean view

Costa Plenty

2. For a taste of the truly sumptuous au naturel, where better than southwest Costa Rica’s Península de Osa’s rainforest, an area renowned for its rich biodiversity? It is now also home to a spectacular architectural residence courtesy of Robles Arquitectos, the Mexican master architect. Here he has created a home that truly serves as a prime example of a luxuriously ecologically sound residence. Most strikingly, the upstairs master bedroom features a corner window, complete with wrap-around glass, affording sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, the palm-tree dotted coastline and the pool below. Tastefully exposed wooden beams blend effortlessly with the natural surroundings, while a handful of casually scattered throw cushions complete its cosy opulence.

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La Belle Luxury

3. The bedroom of the La Belle luxury yacht is truly something to behold. These breathtakingly decadent sleeping quarters – or master cabin in terms more maritime – were dreamt up by Lidia Bersani, the illustrious Monaco-based master designer. In truth, this entire superyacht is a one of a kind, specifically targeted at millionaire – maybe even billionaire – women. The bedroom is a particularly lavish affair, complete with a circular king-size bed and a baldachin (a canopy that traditionally sits over the throne of royalty), private terrace, gold flourishes and Baroque-style floral carpeting. Its truly luxurious feel is further enhanced by its generously proportioned window, all affording truly panoramic views.


Tres Lunas

4. For something with more of a Mediterranean touch, there is no finer example than the Tres Lunas ranch in Southern Spain’s sun-drenched island of Ibiza. This stunning residence is the creation of Blakstad Design Consultants, one of Ibiza’s most admired architectural firms. As clearly exemplified by the bedroom, the home has a strong Moroccan theme, featuring a knowing nod to the stunning architecture of Dar Al-Islam. The sleeping chamber is in the traditional Ibicenco style, with the bed mounted simply on the floor. Perched in the centre of the room on a raised platform – no higher than a low coffee table – it is emblazoned with a stunning blue-and-white zigzag pattern, chiming resonantly with the choice of flooring. The lower level also features settings for metal cradle holders, while metal Arabic-style lanterns hang overhead, aptly providing an intriguing interplay of flame and shadow – the perfect setting for a night of romance.

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Lord of the Beds

5. As far as bedrooms go, they don’t come much warmer or more welcoming than this splendid offering from New Zealand. Situated at the spectacular Castle Rock mountain on the country’s South Island, this robustly romantic residence combines the rustic with the luxurious. This reaches a natural zenith in the master bedroom – a grand space of rugged simplicity, ably defined by the rough-hewn lumber beams above. As with the guest bedrooms on the first floor, it boasts a bird’s-eye view of the nearby lake.
The ensuite bathroom is fittingly spacious, distinguished by the contrast of its black stone walls and glass shower partitions.

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Glass Act

6. Built on a 6,500 sq ft plot overlooking Lake Lugano on one side and the Swiss Alps on the other, this illustrious residence was originally commissioned by a female financial analyst with no known history as an exhibitionist, no matter what its generous display of glass surfaces may suggest. Italian-born Jacopo Mascheroni, founder of JM Architecture, was the man responsible for the design and rightly sought to make the very best of the stunning surrounding landscape. Fortunately, the bedrooms – all set on the ground floor – in this perfectly situated residence manage to maintain an apt degree of discretion. Each of the tastefully understated bedrooms also comes with its own private garden, providing the perfect opportunity to take in the views in glorious seclusion.

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Quixotic Charm

7. The second of our Mediterranean offerings comes courtesy of the Palacio Del Bailio – once a 16th-century palace and now a luxury boutique hotel set in the Anadalucia region of the breathtakingly beautiful southern Spanish coast. The centrepiece of this one time royal residence is its Don Quixote suite. The space is dominated by a striking array of 18th century paintings, all featuring the exploits of the aforementioned Spanish windmill-tilting adventurer. This unforgettable oval-shaped suite also comes adorned with elaborately carved white walls and cornices, all providing a striking contrast to the deep red ochre of the accompanying artworks.