Cute as a Button: Magic through the eyes of a child

In modern life, the scarcity of time has always been a significant hurdle for those who desire deeper connections with their children. The rigours of professional life weigh heavily on a working parent’s ability to spend quality time with their kids. The tech industry’s answer? A healthy shift in perspective, courtesy of products like the Benjamin Button camera.

Conceived from a partnership between Slovak University of Technology incubator INQB and the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center, the Benjamin Button is the latest in a growing trend of tech products catering to hands-free, high-mobility, socially-engaging situations. Designed as a nifty little closed system, this camera aims to change the way parents create, curate and appreciate irreplaceable family memories.

Not interested in being a spectator in the lives of your own children? Benjamin Button – the cuter, kid-friendly answer to the GoPro – obviates the need to play cameraman while enabling you to see life through their eyes. Simply clip this featherweight device (60g) to their clothing and let the intelligent photo-taking software do the rest. Meanwhile, you can get back to living in the moment.

Combining a 1080px high-definition camera and “life-proof” EMR (electromagnetic radiation) shield, the Benjamin Button is perfect for weekends spent roughing it on the playground. With up to four hours of battery life and multiple data storage options, preserving family memories has never been easier nor more rewarding. Kickstarter pre-orders will be available later this year.