2020 Power List 300: New influential faces that have pioneered great changes this year

Some very influential people have pioneered great changes for the city. So great that they have climbed their way up the success ladder and landed on our 2020 Power List 300.  In case you didn’t know, check out some of our newest additions below: 

Yolanda Choy Gafencu hk 2020 Power list 300 magazine feature people

Choy, Yolanda

EcoDrive, Co-founder

This San Francisco native has a proven entrepreneurial streak, with stakes in multiple businesses including Central Weddings, a luxury wedding boutique, and the Private Wine Company. The Purdue University graduate is also co-founder of EcoDrive, an environmental organisation dedicated to combating the burgeoning rise of single-use plastics in Hong Kong. Married to Hamilton Tang and a mother of two, Choy is an avid outdoor sports fan.

Adrian Ho Gafencu hk 2020 Power list 300 magazine feature people

Ho, Adrian

SaveHK, Co-founder

A graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania, Adrian Ho left a promising banking career to expand his horizons. He is now an Executive Director of China Water & Energy Limited – a business that invests in wind energy projects in Xinjiang, but many may know him better for his social media presence, as Ho is one of the co-founders of the wildly popular Facebook group, SaveHK, which now boasts a following of some 185,000 members.

Charles Lam Gafencu hk 2020 Power list 300 magazine feature people

Lam, Charles

C1 Productions, Founder

From model to blogger to fashion influencer, trailblazer Charles Lam was among the first to successfully navigate the then-emerging social media landscape and successfully creating a career as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in the world of fashion. Now a frequent guest at preeminent events like Paris Fashion Week, he works hand in hand with leading luxury brands on promotional partnerships. He is also the co-author of the 2016 book, <Behind the Scene>.

Almen Wong Gafencu hk 2020 Power list 300 magazine feature people

Wong, Almen

PURE Group, Co-founder

A stalwart of Hong Kong’s fashion and movie industries in the ’90s and ’00s, Almen Wong eventually turned her attention to an entirely different sphere – fitness. A co-founder of PURE Group, which encompasses PURE Yoga and PURE Fitness branches across Asia, Wong was the city’s first Bikram-trained yoga teacher and remains a keen yoga advocate.


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