6 must-have autumn skincare products for the drier season

The drier season is on its way, and what better way to show yourself some much deserved self-love than to pamper your dermis with the most nourishing and sumptuous autumn skincare products that will rejuvenate, replenish and return you natural, youthful glow. Packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and active ingredients, these are the autumn skincare products Gafecnu we are loving this season…

Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm by La Prairie


Swiss luxury skincare brand La Prairie has perfected a night balm for skin recovery and rebuilding. Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm, a sumptuous and nourishing cream-like formulation, revitalises and restores radiance. Applied on clean, toned skin each night, it will aid in fortifying the skin, while improving its natural texture and promoting hydration, smoothness and firmness. Learn more here.

Super Anti-Aging Night Cream by Dr Barbara Sturm


Enabling you to switch up your evening autumn skincare routine for maximum nourishment during the drier winter season, Dr Barbara Sturm’s Super Anti-Aging Night Cream with an exclusive DBS Night System formula. It boasts the triple effects of anti-inflammatory repair, intensive detoxification and instant hydration, thanks to its hyaluronic acid, purslane, avocado peptides and polyglutamic acids. Wake up with a firmer, brighter and smoother-looking complexion. Available at Joyce Beauty.

The Lifting and Firming Mask by La Mer

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Best suited for dry, normal and combination skin, the Lifting and Firming facial mask by La Mer permeates with its serum-strength sculpting power. Supporting the skin’s natural renewal process, thanks to its concentrated miracle broth – an elixir made with sea kelp and bio-fermentation processes that is renowned for its renewing energies and transformative results, you can apply this cream a clean and toned face before moisturising, then let it work its magic. Learn more here.

F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Hydrating Mask by Drunk Elephant


Step your beauty game up a notch by adding Drunk Elephant’s new overnight cooling mask, F-balm Electrolyte Eaterfacial Hydrating Mask, to your bedtime autumn skincare routine. Boasting a cocktail of electrolytes and a blend of barrier-replenishing ingredients comprised of niacinamide, sodium PCA, omega fatty acids and five forms of ceramides, its deliciously powerful mix of antioxidants rehydrates overly parched skin, making it soft and supple — perfect for an autumn skincare regime. Apply the balm before bed, then leave it work on your face throughout the night while you get your much-deserved beauty sleep. Learn more here.

Cookies N’ Clean Face Mask by Fenty Skin


Keeping that oily shine at bay, Fenty Skin yet again does not disappoint with its Cookies N’ Clean Whipping Clay Detox Face Mask. Not only does its name sound delicious enough to eat, its formula is also composed of vegan- and gluten-free ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. Unlike the usual clay masks, it reduces excess oil from epidermis without stripping its natural moisture, while also visibly tightening pores, thanks to its clay and charcoal formula. Removing impurities and detoxing the pores with salicylic acid. Organic extracts of rhubarb and ginger, meanwhile, condition and soothe the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Learn more here.

Sleep Mask by Noble Panacea


This chronobiology sleep mask is indeed exceptional in what it does. From a brand devised by Nobel Laureate chemist Sir Fraser Stoddart, it synchronises to work with your skin’s natural overnight biorhythm of regeneration, so you can wake up to bright, firm, replenished skin. Infused with five natural oils, it intensely moisturises and illuminates your skin, while the powerful antioxidants and active ingredients inside help reduce trans-epidermal water loss and reset the skin’s natural sebum production. Available at Joyce Beauty.