Sweet Remember Ring

Everyone knows that the worst thing a man can do is forget his anniversary. Finally, though, modern tech has come up with a gadget specifically designed to help – Remember Rings. Designed specifically for the guy who wants to keep his sweetheart sweet, the Remember Ring provides any memory-deficient male with a gentle reminder of the fact that that special day is looming. Exactly 24 hours before the day in question, the “hot spot” on the interior surface of the Remember Ring heats up to around 120ºF for about 10 seconds. The ring then continues to warm up every hour on the hour, thereafter.

It’s important to note that the Remember Ring only gets hot enough to cause discomfort, but never to burn. This may not be a plus for the neglected Mrs, with some spouses feeling that a fried finger is the very least that their absent-minded other half deserves. Using a micro thermopile, the Remember Ring converts the heat emanating from the hand into electricity, and that keeps the battery charged, and the microchip clock running perpetually. The Remember Ring is also maintenance free – almost certainly not the case with its wearee.

So if you’re about to marry a guy that you suspect might not be the remembering kind, save him and yourself – a heap of heartache. Just specify your wedding date when you order, and the ring will arrive pre-programmed. Then there’s nothing to worry about until your anniversary. The ring is waterproof and impact resistant, comes in several different finishes and can be ordered from www.alaskajewelry.com.” Prices start at around US$760. While it might seem like a lot of money, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than restorative dentistry and a costly divorce case.

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