Super Served: High-tech tennis tips

wristband by Babolat and PIQ_effSerious tennis players – those who want to come out swinging with more precision and speed – need look no further than this smart tennis wristband. With an excellent pedigree, it was created by robotic sports start-up PIQ and Babolat, the sports equipment producer whose racquets are used by the likes of Rafael Nadal and Caroline Wozniacki.

An advanced sensor inside the lightweight wristband – dubbed the PIQ Robot – records a player’s spin, speed, stroke type and shot-by-shot stats. These moves are then analysed and displayed on an LED screen, along with such helpful tips as: “You hit aggressive top spin forehands with 87 percent top spin effect.” Not even Serena Williams’ coach could match that with the naked eye. The device identifies both weaknesses and strengths, allowing players to return to the courts feeling just that little bit more confident.

Babolat and PIQ tennis sensor_eff
For those who played particularly well and want everyone to know, certain stats – billed as “winning factors” – can be shared on social media via the Babolat and PIQ smartphone app. Users can also join the online community at Babolat POP and battle it out against other players across the world for a spot on the overall leaderboard. While the smart wristband probably won’t equip you to take on Roger Federer, it will at least give you game and considerable advantage over your more likely opponents.

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