Sony unveils its ostentatious Dolby Atmos sound bar


The new Dolby Atmos sound bar HT-ST5000 by Sony is definitely a piece of equipment that will impress visitors to your home.

The rather ostentatious sound bar is an immersive listening experience, as it features high-resolution audio and 12 advanced speakers.

The HT-ST5000 also features the unique wave-front control technology of Sony’s S-Force PRO Front Surround, which channels sound waves to optimise powerful room-filling audio.

Thanks to its sleek and stylish design, it enhances sound experience without taking too much space, making it a staple for lovers of all things minimalist.

To provide users with the enhanced cinema experience at home, it works perfectly with any Bravia 4K HDR TV.

Other features include built-in Chromecast and Spotify connect, Bluetooth, Wireless Multi-Room and NFC.


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