Sleep the best sleep ever: The Personae collection sending you into blissful sleep

Dorelan’s aim has always been to help people sleep well – all people. That’s why our research work and the products we create are increasingly unique, thanks to the expansion of our range of mattresses and accessories to meet as many needs as possible.

We made an in-depth study of these needs, and observed that consumers, their lifestyles and their consequent requirements fall into a series of archetypes.

“We’re committed to spreading the culture of sleep and unleashing it in every one of us, because it’s an innate power that’s essential for our wellbeing. The Personae collection is created to fully meet the needs of the consumer, who we at Dorelan call the persona.”

Our promise

Sleep well, live better.

“It’s a promise from our hearts, a professional credo base don the care and wellbeing of people who choose a new and wholesome way of resting; the very people who agree with our approach to sleep”.

Mission to raise awareness

Improving the quality of people’s sleep today, tomorrow, always. We want to do this by spreading the culture of sleep, raising consumers’ awareness, being an authoritative source of information.

We do all this through ongoing scientific research geared to improving the technology associated with sleep and by determinedly pursuing our goal, day after day.

“Our work is a combination of needs, focus on the product and science; a real innovation in tradition. We uphold the values we have always held and confirm them with the power of ideas and technology.”


Sleep is a natural source of wellbeing.

The energy and alertness we bring to our days depend on its quality. For this reason it should be treated as a vital element of human health. Sleep and wellbeing exist in equilibrium. We believe firmly in both, and this inspires us to give our best every day.

“We want to design excellent products of the very highest quality, and we want to do it in Italy, using great local materials, carefully selected.”

Quality that exceeds expectations

Raw materials, technology and Italian design are the components which, when skilfully assembled, come together in the promise of better sleep. Over time, our broad and flexible vision has allowed us to go beyond mattress design and move into the construction of the entire bed system.

“People’s needs are at the centre of every decision and process. We want people to have a superior and comfortable sleep experience; to this we devote our day-to-day work”.

Innovation takes shape

Uniqueness and quality: the two concepts that are ever-present in our work.

It involves unique, high-quality materials, technologies, methods and processes.This across-the-board approach lends itself to comprehensive customisation of the product, from the steel wire of springs to chemical processes, design and tailoring.

“Everything is designed in-house, and this means that even the smallest details are outstanding. Every component is designed to be unique, and manufactured with scrupulous control of the process. We can guarantee what we promise, 100%”.

This combination allows us to make high-level products every time, in line with the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” is more than just a label: it is historically synonymous with quality, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, we have worked in this sector for over 60 years, evaluating every aspect of product improvement and manufacturing techniques, allowing us to develop an artisan sensibility that means our production processes use materials selected personally by us, and guarantee high standards of quality and durability.

Second, and equally important, is the passion of our workers, who have been doing the job for years with dedication and attention to detail.