Chinese actress Sandra Ma stars in Cartier’s ‘Panthère Inside’ advertising film

Luxury jewellery brand and watchmaker Cartier recently launched an advertising film, Panthère Inside, starring Sandra Ma. In the film Sandra can be seen wearing Cartier’s signature Panthère de Cartier watch in 18-carat yellow gold.

The Panthère de Cartier collection is a tribute to modern women who are both beautiful and independent. The film explores a side of Ma that has never been captured on-screen before. Bold and beautiful as the watch she’s wearing, she embodies the grace and confidence of a panther navigating the urban jungle.

Click here to watch the video

According to director Susie Au, Ma epitomises the modern Chinese woman. Her gentle look hides a confident personality which makes her the perfect model for this collection. Ma says, “My search for my true hidden self led me to be an actor and today I have found another side of me.”

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