Repetto x Tsumori Chisato: Classic French shoes with contemporary Japanese touch

French shoemaker Repetto is collaborating with Tsumori Chisato, a Japanese fashion label, to launch the redesigned Zizi shoes this month.

Repetto is known for its elegant and simple designs, some of which were custom-made for French actress Brigitte Bardot and brand founder Rose Repetto’s own daughter-in-law, Zizi Jeanmaire.

Using the conventional method of “stitch and return”, Repetto shoes are made by hand to assure beauty and quality.

This collaboration with Tsumori Chisato will showcase the redesign of the brand’s Zizi model, which French singer Serge Gainsbourg wore in the ‘70s.

Taking inspiration from cats, the Zizi remake features dots and a feline’s footprints, which Chisato painted. The shoe’s tongue is even fashioned into the shape of a cat’s ears.

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