Opulence revealed at Rémy Martin and Yan Kefu’s art pairing at Hong Kong

Luxury cognac brand Rémy Martin opened up a new way of cognac tasting by pairing it with an exclusive art appreciation session in Hong Kong. The art in question was Taiwanese artist Yan Kefu’s latest piece ‘Rock’N Time 8’ – nine panels of oil-on-canvas paintings.

Stretching over 10m horizontally, the series of panels depict an endless stretch of limestone rocks colliding with each other. They seem as if in motion, ready to collapse at any moment, with only their mutual attractions and tensions holding them in place.

Artist Yan Kefu talking to art connoisseurs in front of his painting

While at a deeper layer, the rocks may depict human interactions in the modern society, in terms of aesthetics alone, they bear a striking resemblance to the limestone rocks of the Cognac region – the locale where Rémy Martin cognac is grown.

So the house of Rémy Martin and the artist joined hands for an exhibition in the exhibition in the Cognac region itself; set against the limestone rocks, the connections between the ‘Rock’N Time 8’ paintings and the Cognac region are obvious – evoking the beauty of nature, texture and the wine-making process.

For a limited time only, Hongkongers were privy to the beauty of Rémy Martin and Yan Kefu’s art pairings at Art Statements gallery in Wong Chuk Hang.  Check out our footage from the event: