Reel Deal: What to see in cinemas this August

This month, escape the blazing sun and watch new releases starring Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron. And for those of you who still haven’t recovered from Descendants of the Sun fever from last year, Song Joong-Ki returns to the big screen this summer.

Here are our recommendations for what to see in August:

Atomic Blonde

If there’s one good thing about the rise of feminism in Hollywood, it’s the increase in movies about badass female heroines. In Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron plays an undercover agent sent to Berlin to track down missing double agents and dig into the homicide of a fellow agent. The hype surrounding Atomic Blonde is so great that according to Vanity Fair, “All other summer blockbusters should just surrender now.” That’s a ringing endorsement if we ever saw one.

In cinemas now.

Rough Night

Scarlett Johansson takes a break from superhero-inspired action movies in Rough Night. Johansson plays a bride-to-be on her bachelorette night who ends up getting into all kinds of trouble. The comedy-thriller also stars Zoe Kravitz and Colton Haynes.

In cinemas now

Annabelle: Creation

Darken your summer with Annabelle: Creation, the anticipated prequel to box-office hit Annabelle, released in 2014. The prequel features a whole new cast of six young girls and a nun who are offered shelter by a dollmaker and his wife. Years earlier the couple lost their daughter in a car crash, which leads to the houseguests being terrorised by a possessed doll.

In cinemas 10 August

The Battleship Island

Set during the era of Japanese occupation, The Battleship Island stars Korean heartthrob Song Joong-ki, returning to the big screen for the first time since he finished his military service. The movie centres around the attempts of hundreds of Koreans trying to escape from The Battleship Island where they are enslaved to mine for coal and oil.

In cinemas 10 August

Text: Sadia Lima


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