Prickly charm: Cartier’s new jewellery collection draws inspiration from cactus

For those who are bored of flowers, Cartier has unveiled Cactus de Cartier, an edgy collection influenced by cacti.

Cartier has taken this overlooked plant and turned it into jewellery that is both intricate and beautiful.

Available as pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings, the items in the collection can be worn as single statement pieces or as clusters to suit your mood.

Meticulously crafted golden thorns are the common denominator with some sprouting diamond flowers on top. The colours range from matte gold and soft pink-gold to vivid green and are contrasted with blue, red or orange flowers blooming amidst the thorns.

Like Cartier’s other signature collections, such as Panthere de Cartier, Cactus de Cartier explores a side of femininity that is powerful and full of endurance.

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