Coveted Cuppas: The most expensive Chinese teas in the world

gafencu most expensive Chinese teas in the world

It’s no secret that discerning tea lovers will settle for nothing less than the finest of leafy beverages, ones that embody a world of flavour and nuanced tones in every sip. Chinese teas are no different, with this traditional morning pick-me-up not only prized for their health benefits but also celebrated for their cultivation process processes, all which give them undoubtedly hefty price tags. Below are some of the most expensive Chinese teas that money can buy… gafencu most expensive Chinese teas in the world red robe da hong pao

Da-Hong Pao Tea
Da Hong Pao, also referred to as Big Red Robe tea, is famed for its healing effects and is considered the King of Chinese tea, long beloved by the upper echelons of Ming Dynasty society. Grown in the Wuyi mountains in Fujian Province, the rare and exclusive tea leaves is harvested only once a year between May and June due to the scarcity of the original tea trees remaining, which no doubt explains its exorbitant cost.
Price: US$1.2million per kilo

 gafencu most expensive Chinese teas in the world Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin Tea
Named after the Buddhist deity, the Iron Goddess of Mercy Guanyin, Tieguanyin is a type of Oolong tea — a combination of black and green tea leaves. The trees are grown on the highest mountain in Fujian Province and involves a highly complex processing by experts which lends its unique characteristics to its distinctive flavour.
Price: US$3,000 per kilo

 gafencu most expensive Chinese teas in the world panda dung tea

Panda Dung Tea
Prized for the nutritional value it is believed to possess thanks to its unique cultivation methodology, Panda Dung Tea is said to derive its flavours through the use of a special type of fertiliser. As its name suggests, panda droppings are used to fertilise the soil that nurtures this organic tea in the mountains of Ya’an in Sichuan province. Despite its rather earthy origins, it doesn’t deter tea lovers from enjoying this special leafy beverage, as proven by the premium price it commands
Price: US$70,000 per kilo

 gafencu most expensive Chinese teas in the world Narcissus Wuyi Oolong Tea

Narcissus Wuyi Oolong Tea
Among the rarest of vintage teas in existence, the Narcissus Wuyi Oolong tea recalls a unique provenance for tea aficionados. Originating in China’s Mt. Wuyi, it was first auctioned to buyers in Singapore, before becoming available to different tea collectors around the world. Ultimately finding a home in Hong Kong, this vintage tea box features a unique flavour of floral notes with chocolate and wood, nuances that are said to increase with age.
Price: US$6,500 per kilo

 gafencu most expensive Chinese teas in the world fuding white tea shaomei

Fuding white tea
Rounding out our list of expensive Chinese teas is the Fuding white tea native to Taimu Mountain, Fujian province. Cultivated in Fuding City, an important base for tea export and often billed as the hometown of Chinese white tea. Fuding white tea, also referred to Shaomei tea, boasts leaves cut from the tips of naturally withered leaves, imparting a deliciously condensed flavour profile.
Price: HKD1,300 per 350g (click here to purchase)