Microplane zester makes light work of grating


Billed as the absolute king of graters, the Microplane 40020 is said to be so adept at grating and zesting it has dropped into everyday shorthand as the generic term for a hand-held grater. Designed to be comfortably held in the fashion of a traditional carpenter’s rasp, the Microplane is reputed to be sharper and simply better at anything that requires grating or zesting than your everyday box grater – the use of which often results in lumpy gratings and painfully grazed knuckles.

Thanks to its plethora of surgically sharp holes, grating with the Microplane results in a fluffier grated product, said to not only look far more appealing but also delivering a grated product that has a finer and more consistent texture, as well as a sharper flavour. Suitable for just about anything that might need grating, the Microplane effortlessly handles all manner of texture. Just perfect for truffles, it will easily grate anything – from softer ingredients, such as cheese, right up to tougher items, including nuts and spices.

Zesting with the Microplane is, apparently, not only quicker and more efficient but also results in tastier, more flavoursome trimmings. These, in turn, impart more flavour to your dishes, resulting in an inevitable bombardment of compliments at your next dinner party. Dishwasher-friendly, the Microplane is as easy to use as it is to clean and maintain. No sharpening is required and it is available in a wide assortment of colours.



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