The sleek lines of the new Maserati Levante may just as well have come courtesy of a fine artist as from a master of contemporary car making, such is their elegance and grace – pure poetry when in motion. Distinctively Italian in style, it comes complete with a number of breath-taking Maserati design features, including a signature concave grille.

This decidedly racy little number also features feline-inspired headlights and the Saetta logo on the rear pillar. Its fine leather seats give the interior of the Levante a truly sumptuous feel, while also providing superb lateral restraint during sports driving. Maserati’s sport steering wheel enhances the Levante’s sportiness and, coupled with the front seats and the brushed steel pedals, creates an environment that will satisfy any red-blooded sports GT enthusiast.

Its spaciousness is amplified still further by its panoramic electric sunroof. The Levante name was taken from a warm, Mediterranean wind, one that can change from a zephyr to gale force in an instant – again mirroring the car’s highly responsive nature.

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