Launch Buffet


Those who love to entertain on the waves, but prefer to avoid mooring fees and maritime maintenance, need look no further. While boats are handy for water-boarding and skiing, they don’t necessarily make for the ideal wining and dining companions, with many a skipper scuppered by an extra scoop or two of overly-strong brew.

For those that love to dine alfresco and have access to a lakeside or beachfront with a view even approaching stunning, Hammacher Schlemmer has the perfect solution for curbing those maritime munchies.

Available in its newest collection, this 24-inch floating food station can seat up to 10 adults comfortably, all spaced around a built-in charcoal grill. The unit comes complete with highly convenient recessed drink, plate and silverware spaces, ideal for storage. There are also six spacious compartments set below the seating where all the pantry items can be stowed.

This rafterteria is also equipped with a small 30-watt electric motor, allowing the craft to be steered around at a suitably leisurely two to three miles an hour, ideal for nice relaxed aquatic amble around the local marina until it’s canapé time.

Be warned, though, while this vehicle is clearly calm water-friendly, it’s not quite so adept should the weather a little choppier. Keeping the shoreline within lunging distance is probably best recommended.

Its little engine is powered by rechargeable batteries and these can take up to 10 hours to charge. This will then give you around hours of cruising time for you to enjoy your tidal tapas extravaganza.

Boating of any sort tends to be expensive and this sailable smorgasbord is no exception. If you want to splash out, though, you couldn’t make a better buy.

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