This new monitoring system is the cat’s meow

mate1_1_pathIt’s not always easy to say goodbye to that special furry friend when taking off on holiday or heading to the office for another day of toil. For many, pets are an extension of the family – a fact recognised by Petkit, the maker of “smart” gadgets for pets. The company recently unveiled the Mate Remote Monitor, allowing owners to check up on their four-legged companions from afar.

Equipped with a dual microphone and speaker, pet owners can check in at any time. The device rotates in a full circle, allowing the user to see their pets in 720p HD format. They can also take photos or record videos via the accompanying Petkit mobile application. One of the more creative features is a remote-controlled laser point, ensuring that playtime is never more than a click away. As any cat owner knows, chasing that elusive red dot is a favourite pastime among feisty felines.

PETKIT_Mate_Remot_Monitor_effThe Mate Remote Monitor received an international Red Dot Design Award last year, a distinction bestowed upon only the most top-notch of products. The monitor comes in three styles: the Pro version, which has an aluminum alloy body, and two Edition versions in playful, colourful prints featuring cartoon cats or dogs.

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