What’s on? Things to do this June in Hong Kong

From musical performances that will let you immerse yourself in an array of cultures to fashion shows and art displays that bring the best of both new and established creatives, Hong Kong is ready with a lineup of fun and exciting events that you should include in your schedule.

Hope – Patricia Piccinini

june 2023 events

Australian multimedia artist Patricia Piccinini is known for paintings and sculptures that touch on themes like bioethics and the dystopian future. Similarly, her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong will showcase her hyperrealistic explorations of history, technology and her outlook on an ideal world where humanity is lovingly united. With more than 60 works on display, art lovers can appreciate Piccinini’s brand of surrealism at its best.

When: Ongoing
Where: JC Contemporary, Tai Kwun, Central
How much: From HK$60
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Runway Hong Kong

june 2023 events

Deemed to be one of the city’s favourite catwalk shows, Runway Asia returns to Hong Kong for its spring-summer edition. Held at The Hive, the iconic fashion event showcases the designs of up-and-coming, independently-minded brands and is a must-attend for fashion-driven folk who love to be informed of the latest trends. Besides, if a particular look inspires you as you sip beverages and watch the show, you can do some shopping – representatives of the clothing labels will also be present.

When: 2 June
Where: The Hive Studios, Kennedy Town
How much: From HK$250
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OffGun Fan Meeting

june 2023 events

Following the rise of K-pop, the latest entertainment trend of Boy’s Love has been increasing exponentially. In line with the growing fanbase for this genre, Thai heartthrobs Jumpol Adulkittiporn (Off) and Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun), who have acted in popular series like Not Me and Theory of Love, are holding a meet-and-greet in Hong Kong. OffGun will be interacting and entertaining their fans with songs, games and more fun.

When: 2 June
Where: Rotunda 3, 6/F, KITEC, Kowloon Bay
How much: From HK$780

Hayao Miyazaki and the Japanese Anime Culture

june 2023 events

Japanese anime has struck a chord with various age groups. Devotees wait expectantly for newly-released animated features while also bingeing on manga classics such as One Piece, Death Note and Naruto. If you are a fan of the genre, Cantabile’s upcoming concert, Hayao Miyazaki and the Japanese Anime Culture is right on your radar. Under the musical and art direction of Philip Chu, the orchestra group is set to deliver entertainment and nostalgia as it revisits beloved anime themes.

When: 4-5 June
Where: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall, Tsim Sha Tsui
How much: From HK$280
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Rare Malts Whisky Dinner

june 2023 events

For connoisseurs of the mellow, honeyed notes of a well-aged whisky, this dining event will be an absolute delight. Five tipples from the Rare Malts Selection of natural cask strength single malt Scotch whiskies aged for more than 20 years, and predominately hailing from closed distilleries, will be poured to whisk you away to the Highlands. Whisky expert Anthony Yau is the evening’s key speaker so you can be assured of returning home with a broader knowledge of this liquid gold.

When: 10 June
Where: Sow by Loft 7, Sheung Wan
How much: HK$2,180
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Fin de Siècle / Nouvelles Idées

june 2023 events

As part of Le French May’s line-up of art, music and dance that pay tribute to French culture, the Hong Kong Bach Choir and Orchestra contributes its own magnificent celebration of francophone music and history. The Fin de Siècle / Nouvelles Idées concert nods to the dawn of a new age through standing-ovation-worthy renditions of works by Gabriel Fauré, Jean Langlais, Ned Rorem and more.

When: 11 June
Where: Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall, Central
How much: From HK$150
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J S Bach & Beyond: A Well-Tempered Conversation

june 2023 events

Renowned pianist Julien Libeer comes to Hong Kong to perform works by Johann Sebastian Bach from the late Baroque period in a recital that is both a retrospective of the iconic German composer and an ode to his music being timeless. The Belgian classical pianist, supported by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, also hits notes by Beethoven, Chopin, Ligeti, Ravel and Schönberg.. HK City Hall Concert Hall, Central.

When: 14 June
Where: Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall, Central
How much: From HK$180
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2023 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races

june 2023 events

Following a four-year break due to the pandemic, Hong Kong’s traditional boat racing event is back on a grander scale. Plying the waters of Victoria Harbour, the best local and international teams will vie in hotly contested 500-metre dashes and splashes to the tune of banging drums and cheering fans. The unforgettable weekend sporting spectacle is organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association.

When: 24 -25 June
Where: Off Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade
How much: Free entry
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Hong Kong Illustration and Creative Show

june 2023 events

Joining creative hands and minds for a fifth year, the Hong Kong Illustration and Creative Show is a visual treat and a fun occasion. Building the careers of up-and-coming local artists by providing access to collectors while simultaneously growing their portfolio, the event sees two skill sets coming together in one convenient airing. The Illustration Fair presents paintings, illustrations, picture books and more, while the Creative Fair showcases woodwork, pottery and other crafts.

When: 24-25 June
Where: Rotunda 2 & 3, KITEC, Kowloon Bay
How much: From HK$50
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