Joyce collaborates with visual artist James Jean for gender-free collection

Joyce has launched its Fall/Winter collection in collaboration with visual artist James Jean, with a focus on gender-free fashion.

The collection focuses on fashion individuality and shies away from conventional dress codes for men and women.

The partnership resulted in three iconic pieces of artwork that depict beauty that is free from gender constraints.

Jean, who has previously collaborated with Prada, is happy to escape the clutches of conformity.

“I’m very pleased to be able to explore the theme of gender fluidity with Joyce,” says Jean. “In my own life, I’ve frequently been identified as both genders, while never fulfilling the expectations of being a dis-gendered male.”

The idea of gender-free fashion is gaining popularity as more and more people become indifferent to gender-specific dressing.

The three pieces Jean created for Joyce are Pistil and Stamen, Facets and Interstices 1.1.

To celebrate the partnership, Joyce will host an exhibition in Hong Kong next month.

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