It’s time to stop wine-ing


Let’s face it, knowing which fine wines to buy, if you are not a connoisseur, can be quite difficult as it is hard to tell the difference between the bottles stacked up in front of you.

A lot of people look at the Italian and French wines and assume they are the best, and then move on to places like Australia and Spain.

But, after browsing, you still have no idea what you’re doing and which wines to get.

Worry no more as Hong Kong-based Adam Green has come up with a simple solution that will provide you with an instant answer about how good the wine is. Furthermore, it can all be done via your phone or computer through his website.

Not only does the website tell you every intricate detail about a bottle of wine, including the acidity, body, tannin, complexity and fruit flavours, but it also allows you to buy it should it appeal to you.

Explaining why he started this venture in the first place, Green, who moved to Hong Kong from the UK last year, said: “Our core aim was to provide an experience that was expert yet friendly and accessible as sadly it is common for the ‘stuffy connoisseur’ image to still dominate people’s perceptions of enjoying wine.

“We are absolute believers that wine is for any occasion and that there is a wine that’s right for every occasion and we want to bring that ethos to Hong Kong.”

Furthermore, since the big brands of wine are available at all stores and supermarkets, Green has opted to feature a plethora of smaller independent wine makers on his website, which will allow you to get a taste of something brand new.

“The backbone of wine production lies with small grower and producers often working land their families have owned for many generations and who make excellent wines which offer fantastic value,” he said. “With the way that the Hong Kong market is structured in terms of duty and taxes, it’s possible to bring in brilliant wines that won’t cost the earth – basically HK$100 should buy you a good bottle of wine, $200 an excellent one and $300+ something really special.”

If you’re interested in ordering in bulk, however, there is something in it for you as orders over $800 will result in free delivery and a 20% value back in credits that can be used on your next purchase.

For more information, visit the website:

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