Horoscopes (September 2016)


monkey-300x300RAT: This is a month to be cautious, you will face many difficulties in your career path but your partner will help release the pressure by offering solutions. Take up a new outdoor hobby. The fresh air will improve your mood. Avoid signing contracts as there is a risk of a lawsuit. Rat of the Month: Tré Cool (German-born American Drummer, 9 December, 1972)

OX: This is a great time for you to fill your calendar with business plans and take a chance on those expansion plans that have been lurking at the back of your mind. Seize the chance to take a trip to a destination you desire to visit. It could prove to be a huge boost to your health. Ox of the Month: Chrissie Chau (Hong Kong Celebrity Model, 22 May, 1985)

TIGER: Attached Tigers should plan some adventures with their mates, let imagination and spontaneity be your guide. This is an ideal month for gatherings, such as fundraisers. Meeting new friends is high on the agenda, but be aware of remarks taken out of context. Tiger of the Month: Jeff Dunham (American Ventriloquist, 18 April, 1962)

RABBIT: Stay safe and don’t invest a great deal of time or money in risky ventures. Keep moving at a steady pace and you’ll find success your own way. Romance has a golden sheen with the New Moon at the start of the month, something that may give you a long-forgotten thrill. Rabbit of the Month: Momir Rnić (Serbian Handballer, 1 November, 1987)

DRAGON: You may have been feeling blue lately, but you may stumble across something that changes all that. Tough choices are necessary, almost any decision you make will prove beneficial. When encountering conflict, take care not to be too critical. Dragon of the Month: Petras Giniotas, (Lithuanian Politician, 2 December, 1952)

SNAKE: Blocked by a number of obstacles, you may feel your progress on the work front is permanently at risk, but this will soon change. Keep a low profile and many conflicts will be resolved. Meeting an old friend may brighten your mood and you might just learn something. Snake of the Month: Alex Ferguson (Scottish Football Manager, 31 December, 1941)

HORSE: Look to grab some golden chances this month as luck is on your side. Make an effort to get the exercise you need to boost your energy levels. Don’t invest your money into unfamiliar territory as better opportunities are about to emerge. Horse of the Month: Takeru Kobayashi (Japanese Competitive Eater, 15 March, 1978)

GOAT: Luck is on your side when it comes to finding love and any new relationship could well develop rapidly. Live in the moment, but be careful not to be too trusting. This month, you may face trouble with your wealth and career and it is important to keep a positive outlook. Goat of the Month: Tang Wei (Chinese Actress, 7 October, 1979)

MONKEY: Generally speaking, love, relationships, and married life are all stable at present. Careerwise, though, you should not set impractical goals. On the contrary, short-term objectives can be more easily achieved. Look out for financial opportunities that may arise. Monkey of the Month: Imran Ali (Pakistani First-Class Cricketer, 21 October, 1980)

ROOSTER: It may fall to you to take the lead in a surprising new project on the work front, but don’t worry – this is your chance to shine. Don’t be over-awed by a new presence that seems to loom large in your professional life. Time will show that substance is lacking. Rooster of the Month: Odwa Ndungane (South African Rugby Union Player, 20 February, 1981)

DOG:  A chance encounter in a public place will stir buried emotions this month. Be prepared to confront a side of yourself you considered long buried. The outcome of this could be very good or completely disastrous, depending on a key decision you make around the 15th of the month. Dog of the Month: Ethan Juan (Taiwanese Actor, 8 November, 1982)

PIG: Accidental damage on the home front will draw rather more on your personal energy reserves than you have allowed for. Give it your all, though, as any shortchanging will come back to haunt you in the year to come. A family pet may also cause trauma to someone close to you. Pig of the Month: Brian Williams (American Journalist, 5 May, 1959)

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