Horoscope (July 2016)


RAT: This could be your month for love. Re-examine one of your key relationships. You might find that elusive soulmate right under your nose. While the romantic stars are clearly aligned, they might not be pointing where you expect. Be wary of some outdoor adventures. Rat of the month: John McCain (American Politician, 29 August 1936)

OX: This is a month for hard work, as things are looking good for you career-wise. Take the opportunities as they arise and you may find yourself on a rollercoaster ride to greater success. Be wary when signing contracts, however, and keep an eye out when travelling by road. Ox of the month: Barack Obama (American President, 4 August 1961)

TIGER: The coming weeks are brimming with luck for you. Challenges that seemed insurmountable now seem easy. Petty squabbles might arise with close friends or with a once-staunch work ally and be extra careful not to over exert yourself physically as the month draws to a close. Tiger of the month: Peter Gabriel (English Musician, 13 February 1950)

RABBIT: This should be a pleasant if unremarkable month for you. In fact, you might feel like something of a bystander, looking on as dramatic events befall someone close. Rejoice in your non-combatant role, as the story you are witnessing won’t end well for some directly involved. Rabbit of the month: Jet Li (Chinese Actor, 26 April 1963)
DRAGON: July is a good time to work on relationships with your peers. Take this opportunity to identify those individuals who will be most important to your future. Take extra care of your health. You’ve ignored some twinges of late – continue at your peril. Dragon of the month: Vladimir Putin (Russian Politician, 7 October 1952)

SNAKE: Solutions to old problems will present themselves this month. Show a bit of courage and you could end a current logjam that has long been sideling a project. Shun the social side a little as your reputation is becoming a little too informal given the gravity you deserve. Snake of the month: Bob Dylan (American Musician, 24 May 1941)

HORSE: This is a potentially difficult month. There is an explosion waiting to happen – not a literal detonation. The after-shocks of one particular individual, pushed too far, will linger far longer than anyone might expect. Run for cover at the first tremor. Horse of the month: Salma Hayek (Mexican Actress, 2 September 1966)

GOAT: This is your month to step from the shadows. Credit for one of your long-cherished projects is set to go elsewhere, with one minor player eager to steal your glory. Nothing goes live until you pull the trigger. Ensure those that need to know realise you’re still in charge. Goat of the month: Bill Gates (American Business Magnate, 28 October 1955)

MONKEY: This month is all about stability. Dispense with anything likely to distract you or cause a wobble. Perception is all and you need to be seen as the ever-steady hand on the tiller. Keep any doubts well-hidden and your mask-like expression will convince all-comers that all is well – and it will be. Monkey of the month: Diana Ross (American Musician, 26 March 1944)

ROOSTER: It’s a difficult time for health in your household and you won’t be the only one that’s under the weather. It’s not a time to be a martyr. Cancel appointments, batten down the hatches and recuperate. Next month you’ll have to be on your best game. Make sure you are.. Rooster of the month: Eric Clapton (English Musician, 30 March 1945)

DOG: This is not the month to make major financial decisions, so postpone all feasible money matters. Commitments made now may prove more of a lead weight than a gold mine. Humour is important to you right now. If you make a certain someone laugh, it could transform your relationship. Dog of the month: Tina Fey (American Comedienne, 18 May 1970)

PIG: Your luck is in. You may want to bring a simmering deal to a conclusion while the stars are so favourably aligned in your direction. Despite this, it may still require a small degree of sleight of hand to ensure the exact outcome that you have been hankering for. Pig of the month: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austrian Actor, 30 July 1947)

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