With the ubiquity of smartphone technology and Apple’s extensive market share, iPhones are far from a rare sight. Those looking to stand out from the ever-growing horde of iPhone devotees, need look no further than the bespoke handsets now on offer from Falcon, a New York-based luxury brand.

The company’s customised iPhones are the last word in super luxurious, having been upgraded using platinum, 24-carat gold or rose gold and then adorned with a variety of precious gems. The price of these bespoke phones reflect their exclusive nature with the base model starting at US$1.65 million, with costs then going all the way up to the Super Nova edition, complete with pink diamond, that comes in at US$48.5 million. The iPhone collection includes 24 choices, combining three same-cost case choices ― platinum, 24-carat gold and rose gold ― and eight embedded gems ― black diamond for US$1.78 million; emerald cut diamond for US$2.43 million; blue sapphire, emerald or ruby for US$5.13 million; blue diamond for US$35.1 million; orange diamond for $45.9 million and pink diamond for US$52.4 million.

Each phone comes with 128GB of memory as standard and includes a USB cable, power adaptor and standard Apple headphones. Of course, the standard white plastic Apple headphones don’t quite cut it when your phone is fully decked out in precious metals and gems, so Falcon also offer solid platinum, 24-carat gold or rose gold sets as optional extras for a mere US$300,000 a go.

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