Happy Camper: hit the road in a ‘mobile mansion’

For those who need the comforts of home when they embark on a road trip, the EleMMent Palazzo Superior motor home is a must. Costing a cool HK$23.5 million, the “mobile mansion” is designed by the famed Luigi Colani, a German industrial designer. Built on a Volvo chassis and powered by a Volvo engine, the RV is a testament to excess. The world’s most expensive RV comes equipped with a master bedroom and king-sized bed, a lounge area and a modern kitchenette. At 13.7m in length, the RV has plenty of room to travel comfortably. It also boasts an expandable roof deck, which comes with banquette seating, a mood-lit canopy, an audio system and a wet bar.

The floor plan of the EleMMent Palazzo Superior is designed for leisurely travel, and a 4m-long couch is within quick reach of the bar, wine cabinet and icemaker. There’s also a large-screen TV and an open kitchenette, making guests feel as if they never left home.

The master bedroom lets guests feel like royalty: the bed was manufactured by the same supplier of the British royal family. To really unwind, the bathroom comes with a spa area and rainfall shower. The cockpit features a panoramic, helicopter-like windshield that can be darkened in two stages using an adjustable sun protection system.


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