Spring cleaning just got a lot easier


Not a fan of cleaning windows? Never mind the tedium of the chore; in Hong Kong’s predominantly high-rise city, cleaning your windows can be a veritable exercise in risking life and limb! Enter the Winbot, a clever new cleaning solution by Ecovacs Robotics that does all the hard work for you.

Winbot is a handy cleaning device that attaches to your windows via its smart suction fan. Apply the bot to your windows, set it to go and your windows will be clean in a matter of minutes, without you having to dangle precariously 20 storeys up. In addition to windows the Winbot is able to clean shower stalls, mirrors and any other smooth surface.

With built-in Pathfinder Navigation Technology, the Winbot is able to easily identify obstacles and ledges and manoeuver around them. In addition, the technology allows the bot to calculate the size and dimensions of the surface to be cleaned and selects the optimal path for cleaning in order to maximise efficiency and speed. All you need is to replace the microfibre cleaning pad before each clean, attach the unit and press start. It’s as easy as that! The Winbot is guaranteed to leave your windows and other smooth surfaces spotless, clean and streak-free. Even the outside of your windows can be cleaned in minutes, and thanks to the backup on-board battery, even if the power cord fails, the bot will retain its suction and ensure it does not plummet hazardously down the side of your building.


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