Focus Pokus

Have you ever had a clogged pipe or suddenly needed to look into a space that’s as tiny as it is inaccessible? While you can whip out a flashlight and try to form a clearish picture of what’s going on but, if it’s out of immediate sight or simply too wee to see, taking properly corrective measures is clearly off the agenda. Perhaps surprisingly, such a scenario is more common than you might think, with instances all too frequently arising with regards to pipes, vents, cars, home care and spontaneous intimate surgery on a loved one – though we may have made that last one up.

While there does come a time where you need to call in a professional, it’s reassuring to know just what you’re dealing with beforehand. If it’s something you can fix on your own, it’s better to spend a little money and save a lot by investing in the BlueFire Endoscope. In all honesty, this is not – beyond getting intimate with the inner recesses of your automobile – suitable for personal diagnostics. There’s a reason why doctors get paid the big bucks when it comes to intimate scopery.

That being said, this tube is perfect for home issues, working on delicate problems on your computer or detailed art projects. It features support for Android devices, and boasts an IP67 waterproof 7-mm camera head and an adjustable LED light. It has a focal length of three to eight centimetres, but you’ll need to download the corresponding app to get the maximum benefit. This will cost you $20.99-30.99 depending on the length of your particular cable requirements.

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