Elements of Art

Art is often the reflection of the society we live in and it is also an expression of the artist’s creativity. Fine Art Asia 2016 is another platform for art connoisseurs to appreciate and acquire masterpieces of impressionist and modern art. It’s contemporary section art section showcases works by acclaimed artists from all over the world. The fair has led the way in recognizing the growing interest among Asian collectors in Western as well as Chinese art, and this is reflected in the outstanding works of art on display. Expert specialists from both East and West will present an unprecedented range of museum-quality artworks, ranging from ancient Chinese and Himalayan bronzes to Central Asian gold wares, Chinese porcelain and lacquer to furniture, textiles and snuff bottles. Antique silver, jewelry and timepieces from both the West and Asia are well established categories at Fine Art Asia. Art connoisseurs will have a great opportunity to appreciate and acquire fabulous pieces of distinction, each with a unique history and provenance.  Read more about Fine Art Asia 2016 at www.fineartasia.com

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