Finding Dory

Venue: Cinemas HK-wide
Date: 14 July
Enquiries: 2370 1044


Nemo, the world’s cutest sashimi ingredient is back and, this time, Dory, his amnesiac accomplice, is taking centre stage. Created by the hit factory that is Pixar Animation Studios and released by the eponymous rodent dynasty founded by Walt Disney comes this year’s summer blockbuster – and mouth wateringly lucrative merchandising vehicle. A long-awaited follow up to the 2003 family favourite Finding Nemo – which followed Marlin and Dory as they haphazardly set about locating Nemo, a simply adorable clown fish, Finding Dory centres around our three piscine protagonists as they set about finding Dory’s family. Set six months after the original and chock-a-block with the same seafood characters as its 3D predecessor, this is a sure winner. Featuring an impressive retinue of A-list celebs – like talk show host and witty woman Ellen Degeneres, screen legend Diane Keaton and favourite patriarch Ed “Al Bundy” O’Neill – it has more celeb voices than a UK tabloid’s phone tap archive. With adorable aquatic creatures such as Bailey the beluga whale, Destiny the whale shark and Hank the octopus, parents can rest assured they will be seeing these creatures repeatedly in various forms on their Christmas credit card bill.

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