Fendi hosts F is For… fashion music party aimed at millennials

After successfully launching its first event in New York earlier this year, Fendi launched its fashion music party F is For…in Hong Kong last month.

Held at the basement level of Cosco Tower, the star-studded party included a set-up inspired by the Eternal City of Rome. The party merged reality with digitalism to bring the “New Rome” to Hong Kong.

Palazzo Della Civilita Italiana was one of the architectural elements from Rome represented in a modern way using neon lights.

The event, which targeted millennials, attracted a host of well-known faces including Stephanie Cheng, Elva Ni, Venus Wong, Hanna Chan and K-Pop star Tae Yang, among others.

Young socialites Elly Lam, Claudine Ying, Hillary Fan, Feiping Chang and Antonia Li also attended the party

Guests enjoyed digital activities including an instant social-media sharing booth that put images online with the #fisforfendi and experimental live performances by artists from Korea, Japan and China.

DJs Choice 37, R.Tee, Cawlr, Victor Aime, Arisa Ueno and rappers Okasian and Bryan Chase performed at the party.

The event was the brainchild of Christina Monfardini, Fendi’s worldwide communications director.


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