Espresso to Go

No longer will adventuring in the Great Outdoors necessarily condemn you to a subpar, lukewarm coffee experience, just when you need your caffeine fix the very most. Thanks to the Handpresso Pump – a portable, handheld espresso machine that can literally be taken anywhere and everywhere – it is now easy to make premium quality espresso on-the-go.
The Handpresso comes in a convenient kit, containing an espresso pump, a thermos flask and a set of elegant espresso cups, ensuring you never have to slum it ever again, even while fishing, boating or camping far from home. Designed by an in-house team at Handpresso, the portable, manual pump is able to generate 16 bar of pressure, allowing you to prepare a premium, tasty espresso said to be on par with some of the most expensive espresso machines on the market. Now available in more than 50 countries worldwide and a winner of no less than seven international design prizes, the widespread popularity of the device is an apt testament to just how delicious an espresso it can deliver. Available in a range of colours and editions, including manual as well as automatic pumps, it has never been easier to make a delicious cup of espresso anywhere or anytime.

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