Genesis of a bag: D’Auchel’s bespoke bags take shape in front of your eyes

What is your take on bags? Do you think of them as accessories or fashion statements or just utility items? Well, it’s time to think again, as premium French handbag brand D’AUCHEL makes them an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In a world where everything becomes ‘oh-so-last-season’ in a jiffy, D’AUCHEL’s handbags are eternal, classic, 100% handmade and crafted from top-quality leather.

In an atelier adjoining the showroom, skilled artisans painstakingly produce their labour of love; from cutting to stitching to putting the final touches, each step takes extreme diligence and it may take around two weeks to have the finished product in your hand.

While this is far longer than an average bag-buying experience, it’s worth the wait for a completely bespoke bag that will cater to your specific requirements in a way that an off-the-shelf bag never will.

Olivier Dauchez, the brand’s CEO, explains, “This is not a shop, but a showroom. The models displayed here are not for sale. Clients can choose a model and request modifications to it in terms of size, colour, material, extra zippers, pockets and so on.”

As is eminently clear, D’AUCHEL bags are not for everyone. But, those who prefer discreet luxury over OTT extravagance, do pay a visit to the maison and atelier tucked away in a corner of Central. But remember, it’s strictly by appointment only.

Text: Suchetana Mukhopadhyay

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