Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Date: 24-26 June
Enquiries: 3103 1815

The Storm Riders, a hugely popular Hong Kong comic, was published for more than 25 years. In 2014, it was reimagined as Storm Clouds, a vivid and exciting dance drama. The fierce battle between Bo Ging-wan (Cloud) and Lip Fung (Wind), as well as the ethereal dance moves of Hung Chi, the heroine of the piece, combined together to form a complex love triangle that invariably wowed the audiences of the day. It went on to win high praise and several trophies at the Hong Kong Dance Awards. Now that phenomenal combination of dance, drama and martial arts is set to return to the Hong Kong stage this month.

Many Hong Kongers grew up readingThe Storm Riders, a saga that now extends to some 700 chapters across three volumes, complete with a never less than gripping plot and cast of fascinating characters. Storm Clouds takes all of the most loved aspects of the comic book and transplants them to the stage with more than a hint of digital magic, a gleaming water pool, sophisticated lighting and an award-wining musical score. It’s high-action dance drama all the way, guaranteed to deliver a stunning evening of entertainment to fans old and new.

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