Seasonal crabs from across the globe is the enticing promise of the most recent upgrade to Shanghai Lo’s already appealing menu. Billed as The Crab Kitchen, this latest culinary departure sees a bevy of prime crustaceans jostling for plate space with established favourites from the restaurant’s range of Shanghainese and Cantonese fine dining experiences.

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Located within The Tonno – a fully-fledged entertainment complex-cum-disco with food, drinks, karaoke rooms and a sizeable dance floor – on Wanchai’s Tonnochy Road, Shanghai Lo has become one of the district’s most popular and stylish wining and dining destinations.

While less studied patrons might come expecting something relatively unsophisticated, mentally preparing themselves for having their evening punctuated by the squawks of excitable karaoke singers, Shanghai Lo will surprise them. And pleasantly too. Its contemporary, yet unassuming interior of dark mahogany and traditional partitions – evoking mainland China at its most modish – and its dimly-lit cocktail lounge are all perfectly in keeping with The Tonno’s own stylish designer concepts.

The restaurant boasts a surprising lavish 10,000 square feet of dining space, easily giving it capacity to seat 100 patrons or more. Allowances are also made for more discrete dining with a selection of booths and three private rooms. For guests aspiring to a larger space, the partitions can very simply be removed, transforming the three private rooms into a large banquet hall for more commodious celebration.

Just as it ever should be, the food is the unchallenged draw of this particular restaurant though, with Executive Chef Cheung Kam-wah’s new menu sourcing a plethora of seasonal crustaceans from parts remote and one or two from a little nearer to home.

Although The Crab Kitchen was originally conceived as complementing the restaurant’s existing menu, it now looks to go centre-stage. Certainly many of its more recent visitors seem on a quest to sample its wide and varied selection of crab dishes.

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