Air of Refinement: Beauty and functionality flow in harmony through the open spaces of this Island South residence

Nestled amid lush greenery and overlooking the blue sea, a 2,789-square-foot flat in Residence Bel-Air on the Pok Fu Lam waterfront affords its lucky residents a serene and picturesque environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Home to a couple with two daughters and a son, the apartment reflects the personality of each family member through meticulously designed interiors.

The residence offers spacious living areas throughout, allowing everyone to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Within this open-plan layout, fine décor and details instil a feeling of sophistication and refinement. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, allowing residents to bask in the beauty of the city’s skyline and natural scenery. The natural light is maximised, so there is a sense of openness that makes the apartment seem even more spacious and inviting.

The living room exudes elegance and comfort, making it the perfect space for relaxation and socialising. The design concept harmoniously balances aesthetics and functionality, with soothing neutral tones such as beige and cream interspersed with pops of dark colour in accent pieces that add visual interest and intriguing contrasts.

The lounge has ample space for family and guests to unwind. It features a large, plush sectional sofa with a round coffee table which breaks the monotony of angles. A wide bar runs parallel to the sofa while the dining space is at its back, making the living room a multipurpose area especially suitable for large gatherings. Tall windows permit natural light to flood in and provide stunning vistas to those chilling within; a balcony lets residents get even closer to the outside spectacle.

The bar boasts a white marble wall and a marble kitchen island with a statement lighting fixture hanging above it. A delicate white-frosted glass chandelier atop the dining table also serves to accentuate the beauty of the entire lounge.

A see-through glass frame next to the dining area visually connects the hallway leading to the master bedroom. Tall pots of plants punctuate every space hinting at the owner’s love of natural beauty.

The master bedroom follows a minimalistic theme, emphasising only the essentials of the space. Storage is on the side, adding further functionality and freedom from clutter. Wide windows open onto a balcony with spectacular views of the ocean and the nearby islands. The en suite plays a game of contrasts as its black marble floor and walls are at variance with the white and gold fixtures.

The daughters share a bedroom where two adjacent single beds make a cosy space for sisterhood to bloom. Facing the beds is a feature wall with a widescreen television for the girls to relish movie nights in their beds. Pink headboards and bright colours give the room a hint of feminine energy, and the same colour palette can be seen in their bathroom.

The son’s room is designed to function both as a play area and a bedroom. A mezzanine has been added to distinguish the spaces, the lower floor being designated for toys and games.

A capacious study with two separate tables enables the youngsters to delve into their homework undistracted. Next to it is a brightly appointed guest room. Like all the bedrooms, the guest room also features a television for everyone to enjoy their own entertainment.

The whole apartment is created to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, and its location in a prestigious neighbourhood known for tranquillity and superb views makes it the perfect abode for a modern Hong Kong family.

Photos: Taste Interior Design Ltd.

The Vintage Grail Holiday Gift Guide – Making your Christmas wishes come true

Unwrap the magic of time with The Vintage Grail Holiday Gift Guide. Discover a treasure trove of timepieces, from our selection of highly coveted pieces from brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Artisans de Genève, and Van Cleef & Arpels. Complete your holidays with the perfect gift to adorn your wrist.

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Hong Kong International Optical Fair

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For the best and most spectacular eyewear products available in the market, the Hong Kong International Optical Fair is the place to be, an event which is sure to attract the attention of huge numbers of sourcing professionals. The Fairwill be held from 8-10 Nov 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 31st edition will return in EXHIBITION+ hybrid model, complemented by the “Click2Match”, an online smart business matching platform that will operate on 1-17 November, providing a convenient and efficient platform for traders to connect.

International pavilions

This year, the fair includes group pavilions representing Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Visionaries of Style (VOS) as well as the Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association (HKOMA). The Mainland China pavilion will gather exhibitors from Yingtan of Jiangxi Province, Danyang of Jiangsu Province, Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province and Shenzhen of Guangdong Province.

The highlighted Brand Name Gallery will house around 100 well-known brands from around the world. New exhibiting brands include ANNA SUI (US), agnès b (France), Gold and Wood (France), Santa Monica (Japan), TED BAKER (US), LASH (Korea), as well as returning prestigious international brands such as MINIMA (France) and STEPPER (Germany), etc. Eyewear Parades by professional models will be held to show different stylish outlooks of eyewear.

Hong Kong brands including BIG HORN and bTd amongst others are also not to be missed. The Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association (HKOMA) will set up an eyewear design gallery with the theme of “Promoting Hong Kong’s Outstanding Innovative Eyewear” to promote Hong Kong’s creative eyewear designs and the 3D technology elements involved.

Demand growth

Demand for smart glasses continues to grow in the global market. The new “Smart Eyewear” zone this year aims to answer this rising demand. Hong Kong exhibitor Solos Technology Limited and US exhibitor Zulu Inc. will showcase their latest smart glasses products. The Fair also includes other themed zones, spotlighting a wide variety of products ranging from professional eyewear, accessories, frames, lenses, diagnostic instruments to optometric instruments.

The fairs will also introduce the “Scan2Match” which enables offline-to-online connections. By using the HKTDC Marketplace App, buyers can scan the dedicated QR codes of exhibitors to bookmark their favourite exhibitors, browse product information and e-floorplan, chat with exhibitors even after the fair to continue the sourcing journey.

A selection of exhibitors are shown below:

Exhibitor: Arts Optical Company Limited

Country/Region: Hong Kong


Zone: Brand Name Gallery

Booth: GH-J03

Exhibitor: Mech-Tronic Precision Manufacturing Limited

Country/Region: Hong Kong

Brand: bTd

Zone: Brand Name Gallery

Booth: GH-R10

Exhibitor: Mondottica Asia Trading Limited

Country/Region: Hong Kong

Brand: Anna Sui

Zone: Brand Name Gallery

Booth: GH-E12

Exhibitor: Wenzhou Conway Light Industry Co. Ltd

Country/Region: Mainland China


Zone: Smart Eyewear

Booth: 1CON-054

Exhibitor: RayMaterials Co., Ltd

Country/Region: Korea

Brand: RayFog

Zone: Korea Pavilion

Booth: 1C-F15

Exhibitor: Wing Fung Optical International Limited

Country/Region: Hong Kong

Brand: Big HORN

Zone: Frames, Lenses & Parts

Booth: 1D-G02

Exhibitor: Interojo Inc.

Country/Region: Korea

Brand: Clalen

Zone: Contact Lenses & Accessories

Booth: 1C-F01

Exhibitor: Astucci International Limited

Country/Region: Hong Kong


Zone: Eyewear Accessories

Booth: 1D-D23

Exhibitor: Neway Macao Commercial Ltd

Country/Region: Macau

Brand: Natura

Zone: Brand Name Gallery

Booth: GH-E30

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Dorelan – The Only (Sustainable) Solution To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

At the end of every single day, people desire to hit the bed and get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes, during a busy day at work, it is all we are looking forward to. Dorelan surely understands this and has built a reputation for making high-quality beds that help people sleep better. The brand takes every step and effort to ensure that anyone who sleeps on their bed has better sleep efficiency. In fact, their customers’ wellness is a top priority for them.

They achieve this by manufacturing all their beds in Italy and handpicking only the finest raw materials that are thoroughly checked ensuring that the final products boast a phenomenal quality.

Particularly, the craftsmanship of each bed follows the highest professional standards while combining the aesthetic appeal of art and scientifically backed and researched state-of-the-art techniques thus making sure that even their demanding customers end up truly appreciating their creations. More importantly, Dorelan maintains this standard by continuously researching and developing its products to an even better one.

In fact, cruises, hotels and boutiques understand and trust the Dorelan beds to the point that more than ten thousand organisations from the cruise and hotelier world continue to use their products. As much as the hospitality industry wants its guests to be satisfied and relaxed during their experience, Dorelan also wishes the same.

The brand also pays extra attention to the environment by sticking to eco-friendly ways of manufacturing. For instance, as of January 2019, Dorelan has only used electricity that was generated from renewable sources. They have also stuck to circular production by reusing nearly 50 per cent of their waste from the previous year.

Above all, Dorelan has been crowned with different certifications, including Hygiene Certification, Lca_life Cycle Assessment Certification And Medical Device, which proves Dorelan’s greener and quality-focused way of production.

Resort World Sentosa becomes the official hotel for Liv Golf Singapore

The world’s most exciting golf league, LIV Golf will make its only Asian stop in Singapore this April 28 to 30. Officially launched after a host of Invitational Series events last year, LIV Golf Singapore presented by Resorts World Sentosa marks the fifth of 14 high-intensity, fun-loaded tournaments, and marks the first time that LIV Golf League has engaged with a partner in the form of the award-winning Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.

The multi-faceted lifestyle destination resort’s support has helped LIV Golf League to create world-class entertainment and premium guest experiences for the fans and players. The tournament will bring the world’s best golfers to Asia, a massive market deserving of the sport’s top competition and event experiences.

In that week, Resorts World Sentosa will entertain all who visit with various experiences from a unique 32 m-long putting challenge in the “Longest Putt To LIV” to celebrity chef dining experiences and golf-inspired menus across its host of top-tier restaurants and bars.

As the gateway to LIV Golf Singapore, Resorts World offers the ideal stopover throughout the week with attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Dolphin Island, with the nights coming alive at AVE8, where vibrant live music flow as liberally as cocktails and laughter.

There is even a unique Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience show where visitors can step into a 360º multi-sensorial exhibition of the Dutch master’s works in VR. A truly world-class entertaining destination, Resorts World Sentosa adds that magic touch to enhance the entire LIV Golf week experience.

Normann Copenhagen HK’s Spring 2023 exudes aesthetics and practicality

Danish design company Normann Copenhagen takes pride in creating visually appealing furniture pieces that are also very ergonomic and practical. For its Spring 2023 collection, the brand has launched tables, chairs, lights, sofas, and other home products. For the brand’s future direction, it is only expected to get more premium and innovative with its original designs.

While we cannot wait to see all the fantastic contemporary designs that are yet to come, for now, let’s focus on some of the fabulous pieces from Normann Copenhagen’s Spring 2023 line.

Normann Copenhagen

Drape comes in two forms – Lounge Chair High and Lounge Chair Low. While the Lounge Chair High has an additional headrest allowing for more head-and-neck support, the latter looks more simple yet sleek.

Drape comes in different colours and fabrics, while also letting people choose between steel or oak legs. Whatever option you pick, every Drape chair boasts elegance and comfort with its soft curves and the brand’s precision in every detail of the design.

Normann Copenhagen

Ark is the brand’s retake on modular sofa design. Ark has both high-density and low-density foam incorporated in the design to allow for a cosier sitting.

Its minimalist style along with all the jaw-dropping features like the powder-coated steel legs make Ark a simple-yet-sophisticated sofa to add to one’s living room. Best of all, Ark is created with adequate spacing between the cushion and the floor thus making it easier for cleaning.

Much like Drape, Ark is also available in various upholstery options, and whether you choose the end module, centre module, corner module, or all of them, there are hundreds of materials to choose from.

Normann Copenhagen

Off Chair gets its inspiration from the need to work comfortably, so it follows the elements of an office chair with a more fashionable design front. It looks classy with its rounded rectangular shape.

Off Chair can be opted in either the fixed four-point legs or five legs with wheels, and people can also choose between having an armrest or not. Best suited for both office and home, every person sitting on Off Chair would most definitely appreciate its mechanical features and seamless look.

Rib, which will remind you of the Nordic summerhouses in the 1960s, is the storage cabinet that features an appealing exterior design without compromising on its storage capacity. Given that it comes with detachable shelves, the Rib can be easily adjusted to the needs of each individual.

Rib has two renditions – the smaller one which is the Rib Cabinet and the larger one which is the Rib Sideboard.

One of the most classic pieces from Normann Copenhagen, Turn Table is back with its design elevated with designer Simon Legald adding two new colours – black marble and white marble.

Allowing for adjustable height via rotation, the Turn Table comes with a bell-shaped steel base that makes the table look stunning and sturdy at the same time.

Normann Copenhagen

As Normann Copenhagen defines it, the Scala table is the “ultimate adaptable table,” as these tables are made to fit the space of your choice. Besides letting people pick between oak or marble top with steel bases, each Scala table resembles your old-fashioned furniture design, perfect for people who appreciate classic and vintage designs.

To take a closer look at each piece, visit Normann Copenhagen’s showroom at 31 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai.

UOB Art Space showcases Margaret Yeung’s Wired Shanshui

 Wired Shanshui

Art Central 2023 saw a dazzling reinterpretation of traditional Chinese aesthetics through the creation of a three-dimensional contemporary shanshui sculpture from copper wires and natural waste wood.

As the Lead Partner of Art Central, UOB presented Interwoven: Wired Shanshui – a large-scale interactive ink art installation by Hong Kong contemporary Chinese ink artist Margaret Yeung for the first time at the UOB Art Space. The installation, commissioned by UOB, comprises recycled copper wires and natural waste wood discarded from storms. It transforms the conventional viewing experience of a two-dimensional landscape painting into a three-dimensional contemporary shanshui.

Having spent months collecting her raw materials, the artist dedicated hours upon hours to delicately twist and bend the oxidised copper wires, exuding the same effect as painting lines with a brush dipped in Chinese ink. The upcycling of wood, remnants of typhoons past, resemble hills and mountains from a distance, as if drawn from a classical shanshui literati painting. The myriad colours of the copper wires are a result of variations in oxidation and humidity, emblematic of the wonderful landscapes of the four seasons.

 Wired Shanshui

Amazing effect of copper wire
Margaret Yeung has a passion for sustainability and encompasses her ethos into her artwork. Her studio is based in an industrial area in Fotan and she became sad to see so much waste discarded, including copper wires.

Sha says, “So I collect this copper wire and take the copper wire outside and then I twist them into trees. When I twist them, I find ‘oh my God’ I am just doing something that traditional Chinese painters do. They paint trees with brush and ink. But I create trees with my copper wire. Just like an old Chinese painter drawing a tree.”

“Another point is that copper wire when it is oxidized it will turn from a golden colour to dark brown, or to black. So, it is a very amazing effect”

She is a devotee of traditional Chinese landscape painting and wants to pass this rich cultural legacy through the generations and this reinterpretation of traditional Chinese aesthetics is one of her ways of doing so.

Yeung reinterprets traditional Chinese landscape painting by embracing contemporary materials and technology of our times. Copper wires and Chinese painting are two seemingly disparate elements. By interweaving them the artist seeks to deliver ‘hybridity’, a peaceful coexistence of the natural and the man-made, of the traditional and the contemporary. The contrasting materials are interwoven in harmony, connecting the past, present, and future of traditional Chinese aesthetics, whilst highlighting the hopeful progress of sustainability and environmental protection.

“That is why I find that my artwork is very meaningful to me, because I am a Chinese artist. But I am now living in Hong Kong in the 21st century. I have to use materials of the times. That is why I reuse material. Because if we don’t have copper wire, we don’t have Wi-Fi, we don’t have lights, we don’t have air con,” she says.

 Wired Shanshui
Trees show the four seasons
Yeung enthusiastically points out that different trees are representative of the four seasons. A heavily oxidized golden leaf tree indicates autumn. “This kind of shape is an old Chinese ink painter’s tree, from the Ching dynasty,” says Yeung.

“Then this is the spring tree, you find that all leaves going upwards. Here is the summer – a tree just like fireworks.”

The trees positioned further back in the background are of a shaded blue colour, or bronze copper blue. “This is winter. They become blue because of the humidity; they turn blue naturally. I cannot control this.”

Her devotion to being a sustainable artist means that she seldom uses acrylic colours for her Chinese paintings on rice paper. She will collect rusted iron and then soak this in water and after about a month it becomes a home-made dark brown ink.

“When I mix them with Chinese ink, you will find very amazing effect on the rice paper. I cannot tell you how amazing it is. That is why I am a sustainability artist!”

Other artists now regularly give her their unused wood which she has used for sculptural works. “That is why it is very meaningful to me, because we can do art again and again and again,” she says.
Yeung collaborated with and guided Guo Yin Kam, a student winner of the 2022 UOB Art in Ink Awards to create the Chinese ink art images for the digital interactive wall of the Interwoven: Wired Shanshui through UOB’s mentorship programme. The audience is invited to contemplate the harmony between man, nature and art through interaction with the installation.

This fits in with UOB’s theme at their booth this year which is sustainability from three perspectives: the environment, education, and D&I, meaning diversity and inclusion.
Further to this, the UOB Art Space contains 18 award-winning works from the 2022 UOB Art in Ink Awards, from calligraphy and painting to mixed media works spanning across the categories of Abstract, and Landscape or Figurative painting. Highlighted among the works featured is Melting Glacier by Christine Lee, winner of the 2022 UOB Ink Art of the Year Award. The artwork depicts a polar bear struggling to survive on a shrinking land of ice, aiming to convey the criticality of environmental protection. This is one of six of the artworks that have animation features.


A season of generous proportions and ’70s-inspired curves and impressions, offering a heightened perception of the period’s fashion. A season of unpretentious sophistication that favours responsible design without sacrificing Roche Bobois’s savoir independence. 

With mineral tones, browns, yellows, and ochres – an earthy palette – offset by a plethora of blues, spring 2023 blows hot and cold while balancing well-researched shapes and avant-garde techniques. 

Roche Bobois also keeps building on its successful, current collections. Through new finishes, the furniture is given a fresh perspective: cutting-edge fabric, and fresh hues whilst conjuring intriguing glass expressions on a number of pieces.

Numerous sofas by designer Mauziro Manzoni have garnered attention, most notably the modular and roomy A-PROPOS, which has strikingly simple lines. Ample volume is combined with simple lines in the modular sofa set.

roche bobois

Christian Ghion is back at Roche Bobois with two distinctive pieces: the Sumito drinking table, named after a Japanese marble game, and the Autograph lamp, which resembles light painting in that it appears to create a line in the air.

roche bobois

The group’s expertise is showcased in extraordinary pieces, such as the Serpentine dining table by Fabrice Berrux.

roche bobois

Roche Bobois of Paris would like to welcome the collaboration of Raphael Navot – the named designer of the year 2023.

For the Paris edition of Maison&Objet in January 2023, Roche Bobois was delighted to collaborate with Raphael Navot.

Raphael Navot, who was named designer of the year, will present “The Apothem Lounge” on this occasion. By carefully arranging an open structure to flood people with light and texture, this impressive piece aims to elicit a visual feeling. It is a big, circular hall that enables visitors to explore interiors without regard for purpose or context, much as on a theatrical stage where the visitors are players.

The Dot armchair and the Parrot ottoman, both from the Nativ collection, are the seats offered by Roche Bobois in the Apothem Lounge. The 2018 Roche Bobois collection Nativ has organic, natural lines. It begins a conversation between nature and society, accented by geometric accuracy and impromptu forms. The result is jewellery produced from premium materials that combine unheard-of manual artistry with semi-industrial methods.

About Raphael Navot

Raphael Navot, a professional designer was born in Jerusalem in 1977 and attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He now resides and works in Paris. Along with the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers and most recently the Hôtel Dame des Arts, which will debut on 1 February, he also developed the Silencio club in partnership with David Lynch. Additionally, he was responsible for the renovation of the inside of the famed Roche Bobois showroom at 207 Boulevard Saint-Germain.

roche bobois

Raphael Navot’s rendition of the ball armchair, the Dot chair, is a smothering, soothing spherical. 


The Single Malt Scotch Whisky Brand Mortlach has put forth a multi-sensory experience titled “The Midnight Secrets” at K11 Musea from now until 14th March.


The first stop to “The Midnight Secrets” is located in Gold Ball, 2/F of K11 Musea. With the name Layer upon Layer, this piece of digital art is created by K11 Art Foundation artist, Jiayu Liu. Each pixel and particle from the sand bed to the waves is derived from real-time environmental data and geographic coordinates of the banks of the River Spey in Speyside, Scotland, to transport discoverers to the turbulent waves that hold the magic and mysteries of Mortlach, divulging the intricate details of the 2.81 distillation process created by the first legal distillery in the town of Dufftown. Viewers will be introduced to the brand’s history and its unique distillation method named “The Way”. They will also be invited to reveal their midnight inner beast amid the River Spey with the AR Instagram Filter at the entrance of Gold Ball.


Next is the Mortlach Pop–Up Bar located on the fifth floor which is designed to prime taste buds for the darkest hours of the night. Each discerning discoverer will receive a dram of the 12-year-old Mortlach Single Malt whisky for tasting, unleashing its beastly and bold flavour upon the first sip. 

For the final stop, Mortlach has partnered with Artisan Lounge with an exclusive Mortlach 2.81 Cocktail Pairing Menu. Discoverers will be invited to try 2.81 pieces of savoury or sweet canapés, harmoniously paired with a Mortlach cocktail inspired by the dead of the night (valued at HKD268/person or redeemable with the purchase of any single bottle of Mortlach at the Liquid Gold on 5/F of K11 Musea). 

The sweet and savoury choices exclusively available for purchase during the exhibition period include: 

The Wee Witche’s Perfume cocktail, a secret 2.81 alchemy formula from the Wee Witchie, releases the tempting fragrance of fresh citrus and blossoming flowers and pairs beautifully with the Mandarin Mousse Balls.


The Beast’s Throne cocktail, a spicy twist on an Old Fashioned with notes of ginger and wood, reminiscent of the boldness and strength of the Dufftown Beast and complements the Caviar Toast Bites perfectly.

Visitors who want to enjoy the meaty flavours of Mortlach at home can purchase any bottle of Mortlach at Liquid Gold located on the fifth floor of K11 Musea and redeem a 2.81 canape set at Artisan Lounge for free, exclusively during the exhibition period.

Registration is now open. Limited spots available.

Click here to make your booking.

Take Your Time to Rediscover the City – A Sensory Journey by the Oriental Watch Company

The Oriental Watch Company launched an advertisement campaign that encourages people to admire Hong Kong around them with four of their senses – sight, aroma, sound, and taste.

Naming the campaign Take Your Time to Rediscover the City, the bespoke horology brand has collaborated with Omelette Digital Agency to release four different videos each targeting a particular sensory organ.

One video titled Take Your Time to Listen has veteran tram driver Captain Luk Wenwei taking the viewers on a tram ride while he asks everyone to set aside their phones and pay close attention to the different sounds that the vehicle makes.

He adds that ding ding which is an onomatopoeia that is commonly associated with transport is not the only thing you can hear. There are other sounds like the coins shaking around in the money box and the tram moving on its tracks.

Another video called Take Your Time to See features Wu Chi-Kai who has been crafting neon lights since he was 18.

While pointing to the radiating beauty of these neon lights, he also reminds people that these lights are not very common as they used to be. Hence, he asks people to observe the city around them and snap a photo whenever they see a neon light as it is definitely something special.

For the tasting video, which is called Take Your Time to Taste, the Oriental Watch Company invited the Tsui brothers of the Milktealogy project who discuss Hong Kong’s buzzing tea culture which is locally referred to as the Cha chaan teng culture.

Then, for aroma, audiences see Jonathan, who co-owns an aromatherapy brand, in the Take Your Time to Smell video.

In this clip, he mentions the different smells people come across in just a single street in the city. He advises everyone to concentrate on the different scents as they can be pretty therapeutic.

This new campaign, which is an extension of the brand’s previous one Take Your Time, strives to bring out the charms of Hong Kong where the watch company gets its roots from.

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