James Heeley: Perfumes to Pleasure

James Heeley, the proud creator of Heeley Parfums, has a strong sense of what makes a good perfume and has an overriding passion for scents that are elegant and pleasurable – all can be purchased at Scented Niche.

Bauble Beauty: Summer outfit’s finishing touches

The best way to show off your summer style is with some stunning accessories So, from straw hats to statement sunglasses, below are the most stylish and trendy summer accessories. Elevate your summer looks and get inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Photo 1

From left top to right:

  1. RV Broche Visor by Roger Vivier
  2. Jaya Beaded Rattan Clutch by Cult Gaia, courtesy of Net-A-Porter
  3. Golf Capsule Swing Pouch by Berluti 4. Agave Flats by Jimmy Choo

Photo 2

From top to bottom:

  1. Straw Hat with Bow by Gucci
  2. Foulard Shoulder Bag by Bottega Veneta
  3. Olyma Studded Sandals by Sandro
  4. Rimless Sunglasses Enriched with Double C-Patterned Lenses by Cartier

Photo 3

From top to bottom:

  1. Penelope Clutch by Chloé
  2. Rocket Mule by Bottega Veneta
  3. Silver LUNA Sunglasses by Saint Laurent

Photo 4

From top to bottom:

  1. Curved Oversize Sunglasses by Alexander McQueen
  2. Della Cavalleria Elan by Hermès
  3. Gommettine Lacquered Buckle Slingback Piping Ballerinas in Fabric by Roger Vivier

Photo 5

From top to bottom:

  1. DiorPacific S1U Sunglasses by Dior
  2. Saeda 100 Pumps by Jimmy Choo
  3. Avenue Quad Shoulder Bag by Jimmy Choo

Photographer: Jack Law Art Direction & Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma Videographer: Jack Fontanilla Venue: Villa Lucca

Love Out Loud: Accessorise the bold way

In a world where self-expression is celebrated, what better way to showcase your unique style and personality than through bold accessories? From statement pearl necklaces to vibrant scarves and colourful bags, accessorizing can elevate your outfits and make a powerful fashion statement and inspire you to step outside your comfort zone.

From left top to right:
Toucans de Paradis scarf by Hermès
Viv’ Choc Summertime Mini Bag in Fabric by Roger Vivier
Tulipomanie scarf by Hermès
Cohralise patent-leather ombré pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti

From top to bottom:
Dulcis Multicolored Candy Goldtone plated necklace by Swarovski
Dulcis Multicolored Candy Goldtone plated hoops by Swarovski
Dulcis Multicolored Candy Goldtone plated bracelet by Swarovski

From top to bottom:
Rainbow Belt by Shiatzy Chen
Heart-shaped metal sunglasses by Gucci
Sequined Patches shoulder bag by Tom Ford

From top to bottom:
Iconic Top Handle with airbrush by Ferragamo
Pride Fleece Sweatshirt by Ralph Lauren
Multicolor Fringes Towel by Loewe

From top to bottom:
Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 3 by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Sephora Exclusive)
Rose Coup Foudre by L’atelier Parfum (Sephora Exclusive)
Cherry Treat Conditioning Lip Oil by Fenty Skin (Available at Sephora)
Jel-Fit Tints by Amuse (Sephora Exclusive)

(Photographer: Jack Law Art Direction & Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma Videographer: Jack Fontanilla)

Beach Ready: The 6 Best Beach Bags For Your Summer Essentials

It is summer, and for most people that only means one thing – it is time to hit the beach and flaunt the summer style. One way to do this is by carrying a beach bag that is both stylish and practical. As much as these tote bags will elevate your beach look, they are also practical as they allow you to carry all your essentials in them. From chic and functional options to statement-making pieces, below are this season’s must-have beach bags.

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beach bags

Prada Crochet Tote Bag

Made from the eco-friendly raffia material that is considered to be one of the best beach bag materials for its lightness, the Prada Crochet tote bag dominated social media feeds for looking delicate and stylish at the same time. Available in both subtle and vibrant colours, these Prada bags featured intricate and detailed crochet work that is complete with a strikingly noticeable embroidery of Prada on the front. Buy here for HK$16,800.

beach bags

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote Bag

In addition to its rectangular shape that gives the bag its classy look, this tote bag from Saint Laurent is roomy thus allowing you to fit in a lot of things in it. Its strong leather handles offer the extra grip you will need. It also has a small inner compartment with a zip and three snap buttons that add an extra layer of protection to your personal belongings. Buy here for HK$20,900.

beach bags

Balenciaga Cities Paris Tote Bag

Another bag that is equally spacious and convenient to use is the Cities Paris Tote Bag from Balenciaga. It is not only perfect for people eyeing trendy bags but also for the ones who prioritise something with easy maintenance. The accessory is made out of cotton canvas that can be kept sparklingly new by wiping it with a soft cloth. To add to that, it comes with extra pockets on the inside to store your things more safely. Buy here for HK$8,700.

beach bags

Valentino Garavani Optical Logo Woven Tote Bag

If you are someone who loves to pick colourful accessories, then this multi-coloured bag that features bright shades of blue, red, orange, green and more will surely catch your attention. Beyond these attractive hues, the bag’s design also looks striking as it plays with Valentino’s V logo to form a continuous and symmetrical pattern. To top it off, this Valentino bag has simple and contrasting brown handles with rock stud detailing which gives the bag a much more balanced look. Buy here for HK$20,500.

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beach bags

Off-White Arrows-logo print tote bag

The popular streetwear brand Off-White is known for its bags with its iconic arrows logo and for this particular tote bag, the luxury fashion brand went a step further by designing a bag with a fun chequered pattern using black arrow monograms. Thanks to the rosy-brown background the arrow motifs look elevated. Another standout detail about this bag – in addition to the attention-grasping bright red handles – is the detachable pocket which doubles as an extra purse. Buy here for HK$9,700.

beach bags

Loewe Font Tote Bag

This cuboid-shaped font tote bag from Loewe looks trendy and compelling with its structured appearance. With this entire bag being in black colour and some details like the logo and the edges being white, the contrast between the two shades give the bag a very sophisticated and edgy appearance. When you take a closer look, the tightly-knit handwork depicts the exquisite craftsmanship of a talented artisan. Buy here for HK$15,400.

The Six Types of Lenses You Should Know Before Buying Eyeglasses


Some people are naturally blessed with perfect vision, but others need to opt for prescription eyeglasses or contacts to see clearly. Whatever your optical problem may be – farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism – there are a couple of different types of lenses to choose from depending on your convenience.

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High index
Lenses function by bending light, and the amount of light a lens can bend is referred to as the refractive index in ophthalmology terms. High-index lenses have a high refractive index, so they bend more light than any other type of lens. As a result, high-index lenses are much thinner and are a perfect option for people who have to wear glasses with high prescriptions.

Best suited for eye complications that come from ageing, progressive lenses are embedded with more than one prescription. That way if a person has trouble seeing a distant object and a nearby object clearly, they only need to use progressive ones. Given that they don’t have any lines, it makes it easier for the eyes to adjust from one prescription to another easily.


Transitions or Photochromic
As the name suggests, transition lenses change colour depending on the exposure to light. While they are generally clear inside a room, they become darker when they come in contact with sunlight or UV light. In other words, they double as sunglasses as they guarantee protection against UVA and UVB radiations. Photochromic options are preferential for those who have vision problems that require them to wear glasses all the time.

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Most types have a slight bulge on the centre portion, and this is particularly noticeable for people who have spectacles prescribed for plus power. Aspheric, on the other hand, are designed to be flat throughout the surface thus making the lens thinner. This is beneficial when picking frames because, unlike thick lenses that require full frames for support, thin lenses can be supported by half-frame and frameless glasses too.


Out of all the variations, polycarbonate ones are the easiest to maintain because they are robust in structure and have such high impact resistance, so people do not have to worry too much about accidentally dropping their glasses. Polycarbonate spectacles don’t weigh much and are usually recommended for children as they are also comfortable to wear.

Mendfulness – How Repairing Luxury Goods Can Be Better Than Buying New Ones

repairing luxury goods

This is in line with a general shift towards sustainability and mindful shopping, philosophies that maintain you should look after your purchases, making sure they fit well and are well maintained – especially when it comes to luxury items such as designer bags, shoes and accessories. Indeed, many of these items, have become an investment of sorts through the years with many consumers coming to appreciate the true value of these items – notwithstanding their value appreciating the older they get.

So it should come as no surprise to discover that bespoke repair shops catering to such luxury materials as leather, tweed and fur have proliferated throughout the city, including the three outlets investigated in this article. It’s not only about the quality of material and the time spent on creating the product that warrants a luxury price tag, it is also the assurance that such articles will withstand the usual wear and tear, as many believe that more expensive clothes are more cost-effective when taking into account the notion of “cost-per-wear”.

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repairing luxury goods

Stylistic Handbag Company

Hong Kong’s very own Stylistic Handbag Company prides itself on repairing luxury goods you already own. With their expertise in handling delicate materials, such as leather, you may prolong the life of any favourite items, with the North Point-based experts showering your handbags with the tender loving care they deserve. 

Their success story can be traced back to the year 1975 when they opened as a handbag. manufacturing company. Then, in the 80s and 90s, a time considered the leather goods manufacturing golden era, they seized the opportunity to refocus their business somewhat.

A successful business for more than 40 years now, this family-run repair shop promises to continue to provide bespoke services as it transitions to a new generation while maintaining the same skill set and quality of service.


repairing luxury goods

Jeeves Hong Kong

The growing repair movement not only meets the growing interest in being more sustainable but also enables people to extend the lifespan of their favourite things. Thanks to Jeeves’ Hong Kong branch, it’s now easier for locals with a fondness for luxury items to designate Jeeves as their go-to repair shop. In line with this, the repairers believe that the upkeep of the clothing you already own is essential for maintaining a sustainable wardrobe.

The Jeeves philosophy is to extend the life cycle of clothing and luxury leather items, while part of their sustainability efforts is to use biodegradable packaging and recycled hangers while minimising the use of energy and consumables.


repairing luxury goods

The Groom

The Groom was the first in the city to introduce an automated shoe repair service back in 1975. Over the past 48 years, they have repaired more than one hundred thousand luxury shoes and handbags, including items produced by such well-known brands as Hermes, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Roger Vivier, Rupert Sanderson and Salvatore Ferragamo. 

Dedicated to providing the highest quality traditional craftsmanship and material to its customers, materials such as outsoles and heels, as well as leather care and foot care products, are all imported from Europe. Their mission is to cater to their experienced and talented Repair Service Operators (RSOs) that specialise in repairing luxury goods such as prestige brands of shoes, handbags and other leather products.


repairing luxury goods

In hindsight, we should see aftercare as part of the whole product-buying experience. The items we already have are our most loved ones. Whether they hold a financial, functional or emotional value, we are all invested in everything we purchase, especially those items that are particularly expensive. Thankfully, there is now a whole array of local businesses whose ultimate goal is to have customers fall in love with their favourites all over again.

(Text: Joseff Musa)

Read the full version of the article in the February 2023 issue (pg: 44). Available on the Gafencu app on Android and Apple.  

Exaggerated Clause – Banger, swagger and frisky statement pieces

Steal the show with these handpicked statement pieces that add a bling to your style. Versatile enough to compliment your looks for any occasion, these accessories are sure to dazzle and delight. 

Look 1

From left to right:
1. GG1371S sunglasses by Gucci
2. Hourglass in Sequin by Balenciaga
3. Brooch with butterfly motif in metal with palladium finish and crystals by Gucci
4. Vinyl and metallic leather sandals with crystals by Miu Miu
5. Malachite Lucky Move MM necklace in yellow gold and diamond by Messika Paris
6. Viv’ Choc Jewel mini bag in satin by Roger Vivier

Look 2

From top to bottom:
1. Tiny Stars hair band by Roger Vivier
2. Bamboo 1947 small top handle bag by Gucci
3. Platform loafers with studs by Maje Paris

Look 3

From left to right:
1. Balloon pouch in classic calfskin by Loewe
2. La Cinquième bag in Toile Iconographe and goatskin by Valentino Garavani
3. Choc Love Vivier pumps in satin by Roger Vivier

Look 4

From left to right:
1. Bolide On Wheels bag by Hermès
2. Flamenco clutch in nappa calfskin by Loewe
3. Choc Feather pump by Roger Vivier

Look 5

From top to bottom:
1. AM0386S sunglasses by Alexander McQueen
2. Puji boots by Hermès
3. Prada Supernova medium brushed leather handbag by Prada


(Photographer: Jack Law; Art Direction & Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma; Videographer: Jack Fontanilla)

Linear Silvers

Jewellery is always an investment worth making and now more than ever, there has been an influx in sales. We’re familiar with the dazzle of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. As of late, other labels too are catching our eye.

Chaumet Ring

On the runways, jewellery frequently plays a supporting role as a lovely decoration or a subtle accent that you only see when you zoom in.

Chopard Pendant

But jewellery may also reveal a lot about a person’s personality and sense of style, whether it be basic or maximalist, daring or conservative.

Chopard Ring

It provides insight into a person’s priorities and interests, whether they be family and craft as demonstrated by antique artifacts and hand-made trinkets, or nature with crystals and sustainable materials.

Cartier Bracelet

Elsewhere, fashion’s artistic inclinations came through in astonishing statement hoops, wire-like sculptures, and extra-long fringe earrings, elevating the body to a walking canvas.

Buccellati Pendant


(Text: Joseff Musa)

Unorthodox Beauty- Beauty lines to revive the modern vibe Remix


Look 1

Clockwise from left:
1. Ambient Soft Glow Foundation by Hourglass
2. Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm Duo by Hourglass
3. Voyeur Waterproof Gel Eyeliner #Cave by Hourglass
4. THREE Dimensional Vision Eye Palette Ally #04 by Three Cosmetics
5. THREE Arising Sprit Lip Glow #02 by Three Cosmetics
6. Translucent Loose Setting Powder (Anniversary Limited Edition) by Laura

Look 2

From top to bottom:
1. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter by Fenty Beauty
2. Eaze Drop Lit by Fenty Beauty
3. Fenty Icon Refillable Lipstick by Fenty Beauty
4. Match Stix Contour by Fenty Beauty
5. Invisimatte 2.0 by Fenty Beauty
6. Fenty Icon Lipstick by Fenty Beauty

Look 3

Clockwise from left:
1. Liquid Lipstick by Byredo
2. Astronomical Mascara by Byredo
3. Flavoured Lip Balms by Byredo
4. Reunion Lipstick by Byredo
5. Eyeshadow 5 Colours in Metal Boots in the Snow by Byredo
6. Kajal Pencil by Byredo
7. Technical Black Eyeliner by Byredo
8. Colour Stick by Byredo

Look 4

From top to bottom:
1. Always Ready Brow Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics
2. They’re Real Xtreme Precision Liner by Benefit Cosmetics
3. Butterfly Golden Orange Blush by Benefit Cosmetics
4. The POREfessional: Lite Primer by Benefit Cosmetics
5. Benefit Multitasking Cheek Brush by Benefit Cosmetics

Look 5

From top to bottom:
1. Soleil Summer 2022 Ultra Lip Shine #04 Aphrodite by Tom Ford Beauty
2. Shade & Illuminate Blush Explicit Flush by Tom Ford Beauty
3. Soleil Summer 2022 Cheek Duo by Tom Ford Beauty
4. Soleil Summer 2022 Eye & Cheek Palette by Tom Ford Beauty
5. Lip Color Satin Matte #05 Adored by Tom Ford Beauty


Photographer: Jack Law; Art Direction & Styling: Jhoshwa Ledesma; Videographer: Achilles Sparta

Pearly Whites with splashes of gold and silver

Pearls have long commanded the attention of jewellery lovers with there lustrous surface, colour, shape and rarity. Especially having enjoyed the Roaring ‘20s limelight and royal treatment by the likes of the late Princess Diana, the timeless elegance of the pearl has kept its place as a sentimental favourite.

However, amid the buzz of contemporary high jewellery creations and art deco designs, the traditional and classic long, single-strand ivory-hued adornment have made a comeback on the red carpet with a contemporary twist.

Rocking the waters of traditional styles and designs, these beautiful creations have been making waves, not only emphasising femininity, but also crossing barriers into more gender defying roles – particularly in men’s styling.

Just take the gorgeous Chanel and Dior Spring-Summer 2022 collections for example. Not to mention the ever evolving styles of Mikimoto and Boucheron that continue to wow jewellery lovers with fine craftsmanship.

And if the Met Gala costumes of fashion icons like English pop star Harry Styles are any indication, it just goes to show the versatility of these gems of the sea.


Mikimoto Feather Collection ring


Chaumet Josephine Pearls ring