Essential Luxury Gadgets That Will Transform Your Lifestyle

Supreme Speaker

Speakers exuding crystal clear sound

Bang & Olufsen’s latest speaker system has raised the bar again in the quality of its sound with its latest offering – Beolab 8. It offers some incredible features and comes with a unique versatility that is sure to make it attractive to people who value premium sound systems. There are three speakers crafted into one – a surround sound powerhouse, a standalone device, and a stirring stereo experience, all from the same speaker. It can play anywhere, table, floor and wall, has high-resolution wireless streaming built-in, maps a room for peak playback, and promises groundbreaking room-shaking sound.

The performance of the speakers has been improved in a variety of ways: the speaker’s beam width control offers the ability to narrow down with the precision audio to maximise the sweet spot for listeners, or alternatively, users can go wide and diffuse sound throughout the room; Beolab 8 room compensation feature can base the sound on the environment of the room to make for crystal-clear sound quality; it can adapt to its own front-cover configuration through internal sensors to fine-tune the sound for optimal performance; ultra-wideband technology will even be able to direct acoustic sweet spot based on a user’s phone location. Beolab 8 can be connected to other devices and new products in B&O’s premium range. Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and BeoLink Multiroom technologies are integrated. Price from HK$41,720.

Top Bot

Friend who is always there

This superb homebot could become your next best friend as it travels through your house – or the home of a loved one – looking after your every need and other family members. Using Auto Navigation and AI Face Recognition technology the EBO X can travel anywhere in the house and detect all sorts of situations that warrant attention. If an elderly family member has fallen the homebot can detect this duringauto-cruising, or perhaps a baby is crying for help, the EBO X will detect this and send a message via an App to call you for immediate attention. Indeed, if anyone is calling for help this bot will notify you through an App. The bot can even seek out a loved one using facial recognition and remind them to take medication at the prescribed time. Another function which is sure to be of great interest is the ability of the bot to ward off people from restricted areas and send an alert if someone enters this space. Ultimately, with its 4k stabilised camera with night vision, it can help secure your home against intruders. It comes with a premium speaker with Harman AudioEFX and can assist in providing a two- way conversation with family members. It can be assigned specific tasks, even act as a companion for your pet or take photos and videos. The bot has Alexa Built-in and V-Slam navigation, and control of the bot is either via voice commands, through an App or by touching the silver zones on its sides. Costs from US$999.

The Must-Have Luxury Gadgets That Will Revolutionize Your Life

In a time when gadgets have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, staying up-to-date with the newest and most exciting releases is a thrilling experience. So, here are some of the most innovative and transformative luxury gadgets.

Audi Electric Mountain Bike Powered by Fantic

luxury gadgets

The German automobile manufacturer Audi holds a famed reputation for its high-end and smoothly functioning vehicles. One of its newest releases, an electric bike in collaboration with Fantic, is worth all the hype associated with the luxury motor brand. The Audi Electric Mountain Bike Powered by Fantic takes design inspiration from the Dakar Rally-winning Audi RS Q e-Tron which can be driven effortlessly even in the most challenging terrains.

Similarly, this enduro bike is engineered with motors that make it easy for cyclists to ride comfortably both uphill and downhill, thanks to its 180mm suspension mechanism that allows for a pleasant ride. It has a rotational force of 90Nm and a power output that equals 250 watts which is powered by the inbuilt 36-volt lithium-ion Fantic battery pack. Even without putting in any effort, this e-bike can go up to a speed of 25 km/h. When it comes to stopping the bike, regardless of what speed it is being driven, the brakes can be applied precisely with zero struggle due to its INCAS 2.0 braking system.

Its frame, which is complete with a digital screen for keeping track of speed and battery power, is made using an alloy of carbon and aluminium that makes the bicycle light in weight, allowing for flexible electromobility in all instances. Available in three different sizes, this Fantic-powered Audi e-bike is about HK$76,000.

Miele DGC 7860 HC Pro

luxury gadgets

Compact with its design and multi-functional with its uses, the Miele DGC 7860 HC Pro is an ergonomic kitchen essential that any person who enjoys cooking would appreciate. The combination steam oven is equipped with functions such as rapid heat up which allows for the food to be heated up within a limited time; mix-and-match for preparing different dishes simultaneously with the help of its inbuilt networking feature Miele@home which gives clear instructions on the foods that can be cooked at the same time; and more functions that make the multi-purpose product extremely efficient.

Further raising its bar, the product is embedded with a HydroClean feature that makes the maintenance of the device quite straightforward. It self-cleans the entire oven thoroughly not even leaving the stubbornest of food stains. The Miele DGC 7860 HC Pro manages to do so by combining water with its very own bio-degradable liquid cleaner that was particularly made for cleaning the interiors of the machine.

This concisely built technology-forward oven, which takes up less kitchen space while boasting a multitude of uses, is complete with movement sensors, eco-friendly heating and steaming, and power-saving options that make it sustainable. Priced at HK$98,000, it is available in the Miele Experience Centre and the brand’s online platform.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosystem 72-23: Nordic Dawn

luxury gadgets

Catering to people who enjoy both analogue and digital music formats is Bang & Olufsen’s Beosystem 72-23: Nordic Dawn, a music system that perfectly encapsulates the timelessness of music. With only a hundred made, it is engineered to output refined sound that even the most ardent audiophile will appreciate.

This limited-edition audio system, which is a new addition to Bang & Olufsen’s Recreated Classics Program, has modernised the iconic Beogram 4000C turntable that revolutionised the world of vinyl and has combined it with two Beolab 28 stereo speakers whose reputation is for delivering high-quality acoustics. Accompanying them is the Beoremote which is integrated with movement sensors.

In addition to the above devices which are all connected through the wireless technologies – Beosound Core and Beolab Transmitter, the Beosystem 72-23 comes with a Birch wood turntable furniture with an inbuilt connectivity hub for effortlessly setting up the audio system, a wireless charging station for the Beoremote and storage space.

In terms of design, B&O has kept it simple yet striking by opting for shades that reminisce the colours of Scandinavian sunrise. Available at select Bang & Olufsen stores in Hong Kong for HK$550,000.

DJI Inspire 3 all-in-one 8K camera drone

luxury gadgets

Our eyes are often regarded as the best camera because no camera can capture a scene as vividly as human eyes. But an equally fantastic gadget is the DJI Inspire 3 all-in-one 8K camera drone, which is even better in some ways because it allows you to record and review your recordings.

DJI has opted for a compact design that brings all the parts of the drone camera – the FPV camera, visual sensors, positioning antennas and storage card slot – into a single airframe, thus not only keeping the design simple but also taking aerodynamics into consideration so that the flight is less resistant to air. This low resistance allows the drone to reach a maximum flight speed of 10m/s and a maximum duration of 28 minutes.

Its GPS system uses Real-Time Kinematics technology with centimetre-level accuracy, ensuring that the drone can be flown more precisely. The DJI Inspire 3 offers different flight modes, among which one is the repeatable routes which allow you to take the same route repeatedly until you get the shot of your liking.

For the camera, DJI has improvised its Zenmuse X9-8K to include the newly developed image processing CineCore 3.0 which allows videos to be captured in 8K resolution. It is also integrated with the Spotlight Pro feature that enables the camera to recognise its subjects more efficiently. Available at DJI’s online store for HK$88,299.

Transform or Die: Now a chatter of fact not science fiction, AI is changing the human experience

Prophesies of doom and media hullabaloo surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) have hit the headlines for years – but this time it seems different. It is who and how many are creating the noise.

A Goldman Sachs report in March sounded the alarm bells, warning that AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million jobs. Soon after, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, got in on the act – along with 1,800 technology researchers and executives – calling for a six-month pause in the development of AI systems such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 (the latest version of the groundbreaking tech that powers ChatGPT). They warned that powerful digital minds were being created “that no-one – not even their creators – can understand, predict or reliably control”.

More recently, even more dire warnings have been sounded, with experts such as the heads of OpenAI and Google DeepMind postulating that AI could lead to the extinction of humanity. AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio also called for urgent action to protect the public.

Accessible & disruptive

The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been transformational. While chatbots have been around for some years, and have been considered for a whole range of industrial uses from logistics to medicine, this latest computer chatterbox has astounded commentators with its language ability. Aside from its conversational aplomb, it has shown its versatility with capabilities for writing music, debugging computer programs and completing high-level academic examinations.

Sean McMinn is the Director of the Center for Education Innovation at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), where he manages a special teaching and learning development fund specific to AI called the Education and Generative AI (EDGE-AI) projects fund. He believes ChatGPT’s accessibility is the key game-changer.

“This is about accessibility and ease of use,” he says. “AI tools have been developing for a number of years, but they have never been too widely accessible. The user interface of ChatGPT [though] is extremely basic and anyone with a device and internet connection can interact with the Chatbot with ease. Because of this, and the perceived usefulness of the output it generates, it is not surprising that it has gained such attention worldwide. Add to that, the [AI] tools are more powerful than they were just a year ago.”

McMinn believes it is largely irrelevant that most people do not understand the technology that ChatGPT is built on, namely Large Language Models (LLMs). By far the most important consideration is that it is a very disruptive technology.

Academia alarm The academic community has been particularly perturbed by the latest developments in AI. ChatGPT (GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer) can write introductions to scientific articles, high-level computational mathematics and even college courses. The University of Hong Kong was initially so concerned that it implemented a blanket ban on its use; they have since softened their stance, greenlighting ChatGPT for staff (but not student) use until guidelines are introduced. Hong Kong Baptist University is also developing guidelines. One of McMinn’s main roles at HKUST is to explore technology-enhanced teaching and learning (TETL) methods and advise university management and faculty on strategies for implementing such initiatives. “While a lot is still unknown and speculative, many people believe that AI has the potential to enhance or transform how we teach and assess,” he says.

Following the ongoing speculation and uncertainty about the impact of generative AI on the education sector and workplace, he readily understands why some institutions may choose a cautious approach. The overriding issue concerns integrity. “How do we know what students submit is their own work? Do we have valid evidence that they are learning? Are the assessment tools teachers are using able to distinguish AI output and student outcomes?”

He believes the uncertainty surrounding the issue could have some positives – spurring into action institutions which have been slow to revamp how and what they teach and forcing a review of what knowledge and skills students need in today’s fast-changing world.

McMinn does voice concerns that banning the use of generative AI tools may be doing our students a disservice, and he advocates a shift of energy towards preparing students for an AIdriven world. “These tools are not going away; in fact, we will probably see faster advancement in the next few years,” he says. “We should be preparing students for the future of work where AI tools will be commonplace in the workforce.”

Workplace worries

Speculation has been rampant about which jobs will be affected or lost as a result of recent developments. The Goldman Sachs report said AI could assume about a quarter of the work now done by humans. Accountants, lawyers, doctors, journalists, data managers and professionals in other sectors are all thought to be at risk from an AI surge, and there has been speculation that Hollywood film studios might consider replacing writers with generative artificial intelligence.

“Many professions that rely on creativity will be disrupted, but I am not certain they will disappear completely. In some ways, AI tools have the affordance for new forms of creativity. I think there will still be a need for writers – just in a different form perhaps,” says McMinn.

He does believe ChatGPT has limited the need for brainstorming and drafting. “Now, we can generate ideas and drafts, and spend more time on editing. So, knowing that process will change, we can start to focus on higher-order tasks that require more analytical thinking.”

There are various tools available in Hong Kong to assist with writing and brainstorming ideas –, Bing Chat, and Google Bard via a VPN. But he warns: “Always check the content these tools generate. LLMs hallucinate and there is a lot of inherent bias that could be harmful to users.”

Google is slowly integrating its AI into its search engine, much the same way Microsoft integrated Bing into theirs. “I think users will just interact differently with Google and Microsoft’s Bing search,” he says.

Some professionals may need to think about upskilling or reskilling, and acquiring expertise relevant to their career that AI cannot master. McMinn is confident jobs that do not exist now will emerge in the AI-driven near future. “AI still lacks contextual awareness or metacognitive tasks. Humans will still be important for critical and relative thinking, as well as problem-solving for tasks that are contextual,” he says.

Ethical issues

There are undoubtedly complex issues surrounding the widespread dissemination of AI. A US lawyer recently admitted to using AI for case research. Part of McMinn’s role at the university is to highlight the ethical implications of such technology and ensure stakeholders are aware of the implications.

One concern is information bias. The New Scientist recently highlighted the implications of how ChatGPT and GPT-4 are more familiar with books that appear online. “Always be cognisant that these tools are inherently biased,” says McMinn. “Much of the bias is inherited by the data sets used to train the AI tools, but also the content policies developed by the companies. Most of these biases are unintentional, but they are there.”

Since misinformation spread at a rapid rate will have societal implications, institutions and companies need to develop clear AI policies and guidelines for their stakeholders. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently said AI may make scams harder to spot.

“I do also worry that these tools may reinforce echo chambers, especially with all the talk of personalising experiences with AI,” says McMinn. “We also need to be mindful that bad actors will use these tools to scam people.”

Being human

Educator Svetlana Chigaeva-Heddad has been exploring the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT and other Gen AI technology. “I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to think through the process of engaging with these tools and reflecting on what our engagement with these tools means for us as humans and for our agency in the future,” she says.

Pointing out the connection between language and thought, she adds: “Given that generative AI tools are based on human language, is it really impossible to imagine that there may be artificial general intelligence which will be able to think like humans and perform tasks at the highest levels that we currently assume to be unique to humans?”

Revolutionise Your Skincare Routine With These Non-Invasive Facial Treatments That Actually Work

Everyone longs for youthful and radiant skin and if that is possible without having to go under the knife, it is a win-win. Look no further than the world of non-invasive facial treatments. With advancements in technology, there is now an array of cutting-edge procedures that can transform your complexion without the need for surgery.

From laser facial treatments that stimulate collagen production to HIFU treatments that provide a non-surgical facelift, and the revolutionary Ultherapy that tightens and lifts sagging skin – we have covered the different non-surgical facial treatments you can get done in Hong Kong.

Laser Facials

Laser facial treatments have gained immense popularity among skincare enthusiasts and for good reasons. These cutting-edge treatments use light-based technology to address a wide range of skin concerns. During the procedure, a laser device that emits a precise wavelength of light is projected on the skin to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. These advanced laser facial treatments can help resolve several skin concerns by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin, evening out skin tone, and reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Laser Facial in Hong Kong

  • Hollywood Light Laser Facial at Weirdo Beauty for HK$5500 (HK$888 for the first treatment until August 31, 2023).
  • Ultra Duo Laser facial at Skin Laundry for HK$3500

EMFace Treatment

Photo Credits: S-Thetics

When it comes to non-invasive facial treatments, EMFace is a game changer as it allows individuals undergoing the session to achieve a comparatively sculpted and toned face. The whole procedure typically takes 20 minutes and during this time a device emitting RF (Radio Frequency) and HIFES (High-Intensity Facial Electromagnetic Stimulation) is attached to your face. With the RF rays helping to multiply collagen production and HIFES improving the facial tissues, this non-needle treatment is highly-favoured for offering double the benefits.

EMFace in Hong Kong

  • EMFace at High Society Skin Clinic for HK$12,000 (HK$8800 for first treatment)
  • EMFace at Phiderma Aesthetic Clinic for HK$48,000 for four sessions

HIFU Facial Treatment

Perfect for rejuvenating and revitalising the skin is the HIFU facial treatment. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) facial treatments have received praise for being the ultimate non-surgical facelift, and it’s not hard to see why. This state-of-the-art procedure employs the power of ultrasound energy that helps to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin. As the energy penetrates deep into the skin’s layers, it stimulates collagen production, resulting in a firmer and more youthful complexion. That is why HIFU is often opted for by people who are concerned about their skin sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. Besides, the treatment needs no downtime or recovery period, thus making this non-invasive treatment a go-to option for those seeking natural-looking and long-lasting results.

HIFU Facial Treatment in Hong Kong

  • Ultimate Lift HIFU Treatment at EstheClinic for HK$3490 per session (HK$8900 for three sessions)
  • HIFU V-Shape Face and Neck at the Clinic for HK$12,000 (HK$5,500 for the first session)


Ultherapy is another non-surgical skin-tightening procedure that has revolutionised the cosmetology field by offering a safe and effective way to lift and tighten sagging skin. This innovative treatment uses ultrasound energy to stimulate the production of collagen deep within the skin, resulting in a toned and sculpted facial feature. Ultherapy targets the underlying layers of skin without causing damage to the surface. As a result, this stimulates a natural healing response, promoting the growth of fresh collagen over time. While Ultherapy is quite similar to HIFU, it uses micro-focused ultrasound rays instead of the high-intensity focused rays used in HIFU.

Ultherapy in Hong Kong

  • Face Rejuvenation With Ultherapy & Oligio at HEAL Aesthetic for HK$43,800
  • Face Utherapy at Rin Aesthetics Center for HK$25,000

Plant Parenthood Made Simple: Apps for Keeping Your Plants Healthy

Plants not only drastically elevate the aesthetics of your interior decoration, but they also come with many other advantages such as better air quality and reduced stress levels, anxiety and fatigue. If you decide to do some home gardening and grow some herbs or flowering plants, our selection of plant apps will help you to take care of your greeneries even if it is your first time doing it.


Catered to both experienced gardeners and newbies, Blossom holds a Webby award for being one of the best apps for taking care of plants. It is programmed to help you through every step of growing your plant. It includes features such as setting reminders for watering your plants based on the size of the pot and the weather and identifying any disease your plant may have and providing tips to nurse them. However, if you will need more assistance, the app even has botanical experts who are online day and night to assist you.

For those curious minds who would like to learn more about their plants or the ones growing in their neighbourhood, Blossom knows about 12 thousand plant species so all you need to do is click some pictures and the app will use its artificial intelligence technology to tell you everything you will need to know about the plant.

Download on ios or Android.
Price: HK$29.90/month


Herbs, shrubs, succulents, flowers or whichever type of plant you own or would like to learn about, you can undoubtedly rely on this app called Plantin which literally has a database consisting of information about more than 16 thousand plants. With such wide data, this app can effortlessly aid with taking care of both healthy plants and dying ones which will need extra care and attention.

Plantin’s main goal is to make gardening more fun and for this, the app is built in a manner that makes plant parenting easy for everyone. All you need to do is scan your plant and the app will let you know the ideal environmental conditions required for it to grow well. It focuses on factors like sunlight, humidity, temperature and more. Simultaneously, plant parents can also communicate with other botanical enthusiasts to share their gardening journey.

Download on ios or Android.
Price: HK$778


Gardenia is an app that is most suited for house plants like herbs and vegetables you would typically grow on your terrace or balcony. Once you let the app know which plant you own in your garden, it will give you tailored information on the right portion of water, the proper fertilisers and pesticides and even the perfect placement for your potted plants so that it is exposed to the correct amount of sunlight.

Whether you have one plant or more, the app has an inbuilt tracker which allows you to set alarms in order to care for them individually. In addition to all this, Gardenia also pays attention to the daily weather and other environmental conditions of your surroundings so that the guidance provided by the app is more tailored and accurate.

Download on ios or Android.
Price: Free


With an aim to get the younger generations interested in gardening, PlantSnap is an app that has collaborated with Snapchat so that you can record and share your gardening journey with your friends using cool snaps. On top of that, PantSnap has one of the largest collections of plants in its database with the app being able to recognise more than 600 thousand plants while also translating the details into nearly 40 languages thus making the app user-friendly for more people.

However, PlantSnap is limited to only helping with the identification and cannot actually help you with taking care of the plants. But, given that the app can apparently identify 90 per cent of the species around the world, this could be a go-to source if the other apps don’t have information about your plant in them.

Download on ios or Android.
Price: Free

Brewing Your Perfect Coffee – The 5 Basic Types of Coffee Makers You Should Know

Most people like to start their day with a cold or hot cup of coffee as it gives a certain level of energy spike helping you work or study without feeling a bit drowsy. Whether you like yours to be sweet or bitter, finding the right coffee maker that suits your taste buds and lifestyle will allow you to sip on a cup that is just perfect for you. Here are the five basic types of coffee makers you should know.

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French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker

A French press coffee maker, which is also known as a cafetière, has a plunge and filter as its primary parts. When used for brewing, it is filled with coffee beans and water which is then pressed manually using the plunger allowing the coffee to drip through the mesh filter. Though operating this type of coffee maker is much more hands-on, the result is always a strong and flavourful cup of coffee due to the natural aromatic oils from the coffee beans and minute coffee grounds that pass through the filter. Moreover, a cafetière gives you full control of the process thus allowing you to brew a perfect cup that suits your taste.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee Maker

This brewing device is quite similar to a French press, as it also uses the immersion method (soaking coffee powder in hot water before pressing them down with a plunger). However, an Aeropress coffee maker uses a thin filter paper instead of a metal mesh thus letting zero coffee grounds and oils pass through. It is perfect for people who like a cleaner-tasting coffee that is less bitter. Besides, its compact size, typically weighing about 200 grams, makes it travel-friendly.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

If you are looking for something less manual, then you may want to opt for the automatic drip. In this brewer, the coffee beans are soaked in water and the machine starts heating the two ingredients thus absorbing the essence from the cafe beans so that they can automatically drip through the filter paper. Given that this type of coffee maker can even brew more than 10 cups, it is practical for preparing coffee for large groups or caffeine addicts who usually consume more quantities.

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Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over Coffee Maker

While the aforementioned automatic drip coffee maker is super convenient to use, many coffee aficionados who are strongly particular about the taste will prefer the pour-over ones. This is simply, because, in the later version in which you get to pour the water through the funnel, you get all the control in the preparation process, unlike the automatic one which is preset. Also, the coffee from the automatic drip can taste a bit sour because water can be heated only up to a certain temperature but with a pour-over coffee maker, you boil the water in advance in a separate kettle allowing you to opt for your desired heat or coldness, which will have an impact on the taste of your drink.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Perfect for preparing a cold cup during summer, cold brew coffee makers will take you nearly 20 hours to prepare the decoction but it is totally worth it. Coffee powder is placed in room temperature water for the powder to steep in it for a while and the resulting beverage is strained into a carafe. The decoction from these coffee makers boasts such strong flavours because when the coffee grounds soak in water for such a long time, the drip will have all the aromatic oils and flavours from the cafe powder.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Different ways to surprise your mom this special day in Hong Kong

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you have not yet made any plans or are still racking your brain on what to gift your mom on this special occasion, we have made a commutative list to help you with it. Scroll down to read about all the special Mother’s Day gifts and treats in Hong Kong.

A treat for her eyes and stomach

Flowers have always been considered a classic gift but truth be told they don’t rank highly when judged based on practicality. So, for this Mother’s Day, why not treat your mother to flowers that are more than mere decoration? A couple of fine-dining restaurants in Hong Kong have put together special menus that hold the visual appeal of those beautiful blossoms with dishes being crafted to attain a floral look.

For instance, Hutong is serving a hearty meal with ten Northern Chinese dishes such as Braised abalone & chicken with Chinese wine and Sichuan-style lobster. But the highlight of this menu has to be Lotus Puff which is baked artistically to mimic a blooming lotus.

Then, there is Dim Sum Library’s very own yum cha experience for enjoying a platter of dim sum varieties which includes the spectacular looking and tasting Pearl scallop and shrimp dumplings in an attractive rose pink shade.

But if your mom loves something sweet, then you can always opt for the Peach mousse with basil ganache & chocolate from Vista or the Strawberry mousse with yuzu, pistachio & cacao from Cantina – both these decadent desserts are crowned with an edible rose on them.

Similarly, you can celebrate with VIVE Cake Boutique’s new range of cakes that are complete with floral arrangements, like the one named Love You Bunches which has pink and white blossoms on top of it, made especially for the special occasion.

A fresh and flavorful start

For all those mothers who need their morning cup of coffee or a caffeine fix at any point of the day, the Nespresso Vertuo Pop would be the most suitable gift. This user-friendly coffee machine is equipped with Centrifusion™ technology that makes it very straightforward to brew different beverages, including Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, and Alto. The machine will scan the barcode on the capsule and prepare the drink for you. Given its small size, your mom can keep it in the home or office space. Besides, as made evident in its name, Vertuo Pop also provide a bright pop of colour with the coffee machine available in six vibrant colours.

A bejewelled surprise

As the queen she is, every mother deserved to be treated like one and what better way to do so than donning her with some exquisite pieces of jewellery? Look no further than Cartier’s newly-launched pieces as part of its Cartier Libre collection. Not compromising in size in any way, these bold, limited-edition pieces of jewellery feature eye-catching designs such as gold beads and twisted corals. The talking point of this bijouterie line is definitely the Rock Chip cape – a gorgeous necklace with an avant-garde pattern.

A bag for all her essentials

On any given day, a bag will stand as the most needed accessory and that is why you can never go wrong when it comes to choosing a bag as a gift for your maternal figure. The only problem would be picking one as there are so many options to choose from, so here are a few of the best ones to make the bag selection process easy for you.

Just this week, Rimowa launched a collection featuring two colour ranges – the pastel pink one called Petal and a brownish-green one called Cedar. The line brings crossbody bags, backpacks, travel suitcases and even iPhone cases in these two attractive shades. There is also Loewe’s Font Tote in Raffia bags that are spacious enough to hold everything she will need throughout the day. Both collections boast super stylish and practical bags.

High Bar: Airplane trolley becomes mobile home drinks dispenser

An aeroplane trolley transformed into a mobile bar, the Bordbar x Siegfried Rivet Rocker Gin Cart has retained many of the original features and specs, with its dimensions, portability and modularity remaining unchanged. The mini-bar trolley is stylish, functional and a perfect solution for all in-home entertainment needs. This compact trolley is perfect for hosting parties, social gatherings or just relaxing at home with a drink. With its sleek design and customisable features, the Bordbar is sure to impress your guests and become a favourite addition to your home entertainment resources. 

Its sleek, modern design is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. The trolley is designed with an aluminium body, making it lightweight and easy to move around, while also being sturdy enough to hold up to 44 lbs of weight. It also comes with a removable top tray that can be used to serve drinks and snacks. At the same time, the interior of the trolley is customisable with a variety of accessories, including drawers, shelves and dividers.

It can also be used to store liquor, glassware, and other bar accessories, making it an excellent addition to any home bar, especially for those who love to entertain. Available at specific dealers and outlets in Hong Kong for around HK$23,500 (US$2,995).

5 Apps That Every Shopaholic Will Love – Facilitating The Online Shopping Experience

Scrolling through many retail sites and finding the coolest pair of shoes or that statement-making scarf can be an adrenaline-rushing experience for many because quite honestly, online shopping can make a lot of people happy. When all that excitement leads you to shop till you drop, it is great to have resources that will help you find the best offers. Below are five shopping apps that help you with it.

online shopping


Karma self-proclaims itself as the best shopping app for making its users’ shopping experience more fun. No matter what each person wants to buy, the app tries to find the best offers from different websites thus helping people to save more and also shop more. If that is not enough, the online shopping app also gives out reward points (also known as K Cash) so every time a person purchases via the app, at certain stores, they will get a particular per cent of their spending as Karma cash which can be used later. More details are here

Join Honey

Another shopping tool that has become a favourite among regular shoppers is Join Honey, which facilitates the shopping experience and finds the best available offers. All that you have to do is add the Join Honey extension to your web browser, and the app automatically starts running whenever you shop (that is if you permit it to.) It also lets you know when another site has the same product at a better price and if an offer is actually genuine or just given after significantly increasing the actual prize. More details are here

online shopping

Vestiare Collective

If you love secondhand luxury items or abide by recycling, then you will absolutely go bonkers for Vestiare Collective. The app lists everything from clothes to shoes and bags that people want to resell with details of the product’s condition. Once you find an item you like, you can negotiate with the seller regarding the price. Generally, Vestiare Collective suggests that your asking price is not less than 70 per cent of the selling price and each buyer is allowed to make three price offers before finally settling on a price. More details are here


Net-a-Porter doubles down as a shopping app where you can find apparel and accessories from the latest fashion seasons and a lifestyle blog where you can find style inspiration and learn many more things about a variety of topics, including skincare, interior decoration, makeup and more. Best of all, the online shopping app has a huge database of various fashion brands so the options are endless here. Besides, Net-a-Porter also allows you to resell your own branded clothing and accessories. More details are here

online shopping


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5 brilliant innovations that prove the future is already here

We live in such a fast-paced society and our lives are going on so quickly that there is just not enough time to waste. We want everything to be done quickly, and convenience and versatility are two other things we appreciate the most these days. So, below are five genius creations that make life much easier. These are such brilliant innovations that it definitely feels as though we are living in the future.

Versatile Lipstick Maker

brilliant innovations

Gaining so much appreciation and even an award for its infinite possible lip colours is this innovative lipstick kit by GoPlay cosmetics. The kit, which is no less than a fan favourite now, has been sold out so quickly that people have to pre-order if they have to get their hands on the Lipskit.

You can either choose the warm or the cool base colours depending on your skin’s undertone.

It is straightforward to use as the equipment comes with a colour-mixing chart, liquid lipstick bullets, reusable jars, and more products that let you create as many lip colours of any texture of your choice. Want something more shimmery? Just add a few drops of the moisture drops that are part of the kit.

The only drawback that users have found with the product is that it can get a bit messy when mixing the colours. Other than that, it is supposedly great with the cosmetic product boasting qualities such as waterproof, long-lasting, paraben free, and many more.

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Nail-painting Robot

brilliant innovations

There was a time when we imagined the different things a robot would do, and if applying nail polish was on your list, then your imaginations have come true. This robot by Clockwork paints your nails for you.

You just need to place each of your fingers on the allocated spot and the Clockwork MiNiCURE will use its well-calculated algorithm to calculate your nail shape accurately and paint them perfectly. It is recommended that your nails do not have any nail polish to expect the best results.

Best of all, the whole process only takes about 10 minutes so it is perfect for people who want something done fast. However, the robot is only programmed to apply nail colour, and nothing more than that so if you are expecting a full-on manicure, you may want to book an appointment with a manicurist.

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Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner 

brilliant innovations

Though the name suggests that this tech creation only cleans jewellery, it can actually be used for multiple purposes like cleaning your eyeglasses, keys, dentures, makeup brush or anything that comes to your mind, as long as it fits in the machine.

Shaped like a mini bathtub, all you need to do is place the product you want to be cleaned inside the water-filled tub, and turn on the machine. The equipment will use its ultrasonic technology to do the spot-on cleaning in just three minutes.

For better results, it is suggested that you add a few drops of liquid soap along with the water.

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Portable Printer 

brilliant innovations

There are a number of portable printers in the market today, and it is certainly one of the much-needed brilliant innovations for people. When you want to take a quick print of some office documents or class projects, the portable printer allows you to print the files no matter where you are.

Given its size, it can be easily carried on the go, and you can print documents that are saved on any device: phones, tabs, laptops, and more. You can either connect the printer using Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Some renditions of portable printers even come with the ability to print pages of different sizes. For instance, one model from HPRT allows you to print on A4, A5 and label-sized papers.

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Temperature Control Mug

brilliant innovations

Another gadget that makes life comfortable for everyone is the self-heating mugs by Ember. They are particularly loved by travellers as the gadget makes it easy for you to carry your drinks while maintaining their warmth. So, if you want your drink to be warm until its last sip then this product is perfect for you.

Ember has received so many positive reviews as it is the very first temperature-control mug that allows you to adjust the temperature as you wish. Simply download the Ember app on your phone and connect your cup to the app, and use it to change how warm you want your drink to be. If you usually prefer your morning coffee to be at certain warmth, then you can save that to the app.

These temperature-control mugs can keep the beverages heated for about two hours, and if you want to extend it, you can always place the mug on the charging coaster that comes with the cups.

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