Burgundy, more than a colour: French wine board hosts tastings across Hong Kong

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Bordeaux may very well be the largest wine-producing region in France and, consequently, the most widely recognised wine among international imbibers – but that doesn’t mean it should steal all the credit.

Indeed, the central eastern region of Bourgogne (known as Burgundy in English) has just as much to offer. In an effort to drive home this point and expose more Hong Kongers to Burgundy’s unique offerings, ‘Bourgogne Week’ has returned to the island. Organised by the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB), the event features wine tastings, events and special promotions until 3 March, with some promotions extending until the end of March.

On Wednesday, 1 March, a Chablis White Party for wine traders and partners will be held at the The Conservatory at Crown Wine Cellars. Party-goers will have the chance to sample a variety of wines from Chablis, the northernmost wine district of Burgundy. For those who can’t attend the party and don’t want to miss out on the wine tasting, nearly 50 wines will be part of an ongoing Chablis promotion throughout the month at a number of wine specialist shops, including Rare & Fine Wines, Grand Wine Cellar, Red Wine Village, The Wine Guild and more.

Bourgogne Week has been popular in the UK for over a decade, but it only made its debut in Hong Kong last year. Anne Moreau, of BIVB, says: “Hong Kong is a dynamic, mature wine market with highly sophisticated wine lovers. It was obvious that a Bourgogne Week elsewhere than in the UK had to be in Hong Kong.”

Click here for the full schedule of tastings, events and promotions.

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