Nose over Noise: An alarm that generates scents


A young French entrepreneur has brought new meaning to the phrase “wake up and smell the coffee.”
For those who are tired of smashing the snooze button each morning to silence the alarm clock’s ear-splitting screech, there’s now another option. Sensorwake, which is being marketed as the first olfactory alarm clock, gently awakens sleepers by releasing pleasant aromas.

The alarm clock is the invention of entrepreneur Guillaume Rolland, who came up with the idea when he was just 18 years old. The Sensorwake taps into the science of smell to ensure that users wake up in a good mood instead of cranky and irritable.

Certain smells are strongly linked to memory and emotion, and the diffusion of pleasant scents gets your brain going and geared up for the day ahead. Several choices of scent capsules are on offer, including vanilla toast, seaside breeze, espresso, fresh-cut grass, chocolate, peppermint and – since it’s a French invention, after all – buttery croissant. All capsules are 100 percent recyclable, and each one can be reused 30 times.

The Sensorwake has received a number of awards and was named one of the top 15 inventions at the Google Science Fair. It’s not just for light sleepers, either. The clock comes equipped with a back-up melody, which will go off three minutes after the scent is released. Rise and shine – and sniff!

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