Timeless properties designed to perfection

Edward Lau creates distinctive designs and houses full of character such as at Laguna Verde

Edward Lau’s expertise in interior design stems from his many years working as an architect in Hong Kong and the Netherlands during which he mastered the principles of design, construction, and spatial planning. This comprehensive knowledge gives him the confidence to approach interior design projects with a holistic perspective, considering the aesthetic elements and the functional and structural requirements.

Here he talks about his outstanding professional background and his latest residential design project at Laguna Verde in Hung Hom. This is a 1,400 sq. ft unit which uses the beauty of sunlight to its best advantage. By employing natural materials, as time passed, the sunlight imbued it with nuanced changes. This lends an enchanting character and a trace of history to the house.

How does your background serve as a strong foundation for your talent and expertise in interior design?

My background has instilled in me the ability to visualize spaces and ensure the optimal utilization of available square footage. This skill set is invaluable when crafting captivating interior spaces that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

Furthermore, my experience in a diverse range of projects, from large-scale commercial developments to a wide variety of interior design ventures, has equipped me with a versatile and adaptable design approach. I am adept at tackling complex design challenges and delivering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of each client.

Do you usually surpass the expectations of your clients?

By using my extensive design and build experience, I can consistently deliver outstanding results that exceed the client’s initial vision.I am always striving to surpass the expectations of my clients.

All importantly, the client’s needs always come first. I take the time to thoroughly understand all the client’s requirements, preferences, and project goals, and then I leverage my design to translate their vision into a reality that surpasses their expectations.

I can clearly identify and address potential challenges early on, ensuring a seamless design and implementation process.Moreover, I place a strong emphasis on attention to detail and overall quality. Thus, we consistently deliver projects that exceed the client’s expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Are there any achievements or projects you are particularly proud of?

Many of our interior design projects have been recognized with awards, such as the Duplex Design in Yuen Long and the Special Garden Unit in Tai Po. We take great pride in our ability to create remarkable living spaces that enhance the quality of life for our clients.

Laguna Verde Project

For instance, in our latest residential design project at Laguna Verde in Hung Hom, we have paid meticulous attention to detail, incorporating elements like curved shapes, textured painted finishes, and rattan cabinetry. These details, complemented by the homeowner’s preference for natural materials, have resulted in a design that is both visually appealing and exceptionally comfortable.

Additionally, the incorporation of various smart home appliances in the design has provided residents with a more convenient and seamless living experience.

Living room

Furthermore, we pay special attention to spatial planning to foster harmonious relationships within the household. For instance, we have incorporated an open reading area in the living room, complete with beanbags on the floor, allowing the family members to read and converse in a convenient and cozy setting, strengthening the bond between parents and children. The living room utilizes wooden flooring, creating a clear distinction of zones.

Master bedroom

In the master bedroom, we have incorporated deep wooden tones complemented by rattan elements which, along with the addition of textured paint, exudes a beautiful contrast between a modern aesthetic and natural materials.

The same colour scheme has been consistently used throughout the house, along with the use of similar materials. However, we have introduced variations in the shape design. The overall impression is very comfortable in the long run, while also offering clients a timeless experience.