Tea is in the air

For a lot of people tea is everything. Starting their day without a cup is unthinkable, gossiping with friends has to be done in between sips and taking a well deserved tea break in the afternoon is compulsory.  

But tea leaves are not just used to make something you drink.

A luxury tea brand from Singapore, Tea WG, has released scented candles that transform the fragrance and flavour of tea leaves.

The Perfume of Tea collection comes with a gilded rose cover which can be used either to extinguish or cover the candle and they can burn for up to 60 hours.

For tea lovers who must have the smell of tea float through their home as they sip on a cup of tea, the candles come in five flavours:  Five O’clock Tea, French Earl Grey, Macaron Noir Tea, Silver Moon Tea  and Emperor Sencha.

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