Designer pens

James Bond uses his to defeat evil henchmen, presidents use them to agree to treaties and Albert Einstein used his to figure out complex equations. What are we talking about? Pens.

Now pens are not the sexiest accessory, we can’t all use them to save the world and get the girl, but they are pretty important to some people.

And people who use pens, and pretty much everyone else, know about Parker pens and Montblanc’s classic fountain pens, but for those looking to stand out and move away from the classics, British designer Paul Smith has collaborated with pen manufacturer Caran d’Ache for the 849 pen and an 8-pen box set.

The colours come straight out of Smith’s Autumn/Winter collection and they are bright.

The Caran d’Ache 849, with its famous hexagonal body and its ultra-thin case, has been one of the company’s cult pens since 1969 and is constantly creating surprises with its growing range of colours.

The bright colours might not be to everyone’s taste, but it will certainly get you noticed in meetings.

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